Anyone tried saxenda?

I’m currently in the obese category. Thinking of asking my GP for it. I think you have to inject self once a day which puts me off a bit. Anyone tried it?

You are better off with a drug like Ozempic
That’s what I take.

Saxenda is a bit out of fashion now

What’s Ozempic. Is there any side effects? Has it made you lose weight?

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Ozempic is a diabetes drug but it’s prescribed off label for weight loss.
I’ve lost about 27 pounds on it so far but lately I’m gaining a few more pounds but that’s more about me slacking off from my diet.

It too is an injectable and it has minimum side effects like mild constipation which usually goes away after a few months. @Star84

Where dis you get it from? How much did it cost?

It was prescribed to me from a weight loss doctor and without insurance it’s very expensive over $1000 a month but with insurance it costs around 32 dollars for a 3 month supply.
Injections are once every week.

I’ve checked it out and I BBC don’t think it’s available in the UK yet.

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I’m on Saxenda…my doc gives me free samples to use that he gets from a drug rep since Medicaid/Medicare won’t cover either it or Ozempic (without a diabetes diagnosis). Same with Wegovy.
I don’t mind the daily injections, as the needle is very thin and only about one-quarter of an inch long. I hardly feel it, just jab it into my gut. I THINK the Saxenda helps with cravings pretty well, but there seems to be better results with the Ozempic/Wegovy. I asked my doc if he could “diagnose” me with diabetes to become eligible for the Ozempic but he said he couldn’t ethically do that (which is what a good doctor SHOULD say!), but he did let me start metformin which is helping, too.