New person refusing meds for weight gain HEELP ME

Hi may sound daft but I’m in a war with mental health … I refuse to gain weight , I been looking up medications and even on the weight gain messages on here I see people gaining up to 100 pounds , I’d litrally well I can’t write what I’d do if I gained weight even if I gained 10 pounds I’d be on the edge … what can I do I newly diagnosed and I refuse their stupid meds their stupid therapy and I don’t want anything to do with any of this especially to be made fat and sit in a circle having group hugs I hate this crap


Medicine is much important if u are diagnosed with sz…!!! Welcome bro…!!! Where r u from and how old are u…!!!

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Have you already tried some and had weight gain?

If you eat healthy and in moderation, and looked into which meds to try you have plenty of chance to be fine. For example, any time I’ve taken aripiprazole I’ve either stayed the same weight or lost weight. This time around, I’ve added aripiprazole to my olanzapine and I’m losing some of the weight I gained from the olanzapine without any effort on my part


There are weight neutral meds and not everyone gets weight on APs, furthermore you can counter it by dieting and exercising. Also remember that chronic untreated psychosis is much more dangerous than weight gain.


Hi there everyone , no I haven’t try any yet … I have a history of eating disorders and the doctors are not taking any of this into account , I feel like I’m battering my head against the wall they think I’m crazy when i complain about the weight gain they say my mental health is more important right now and than my weight and they’re here to help but I just keep saying I wanna be left alone and I don’t want help because this isn’t help I’m so confused I litrally don’t know what to think I don’t no anything anything anymore

Hi there well I’m always dieting , I didn’t know if you dieted you wouldn’t gain weight I thought regardlessnof diet that you’d gain the weight has the medications changed the way your body processed things and you got bigger regardless …?

Usually you gain weight only because they make you more hungry and you eat more.

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I can work with that

I think hahaha … it’s not the most wonderful thing I can think of but if I diet I won’t gain weight then , I’m so Pxxxx off about this I don’t want to be on pills or have anything to do with this I may be a little whacky maybe a little crazy but I don’t want all this intervention I’m actually happy in my own little world dose that seem weird …? I don’t know why the authorities have a right to intervene and force this crap on me :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I understand your concerns. There are always options you can take that are less likely to cause weight gain. I take Geodon, which is usually weight-neutral. Latuda is another one that is less likely to make you gain weight. There is also a DNA test by Pathway Genomics that will tell you which meds are likely to work for you, and which ones are likely to cause side effects such as weight gain. Maybe it would help you to look into these options.

If you do gain weight on one med, you can always switch to another one. I started on risperidone and gained 40 pounds. When I switched to Geodon, I lost all of that and am now the same weight I was prior to risperidone.


That is only the beginning, untreated schizophrenia is a degenerative disorder.

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Oh god 40 pounds I’m havong a panic attack for you see if melt I’d litrally melt down I couldn’t cope I can’t breath at the thought of it wow just bloody wow where do I get this test I’m in England Hun …!
I’m so really annoyed and upset I don’t want any of this it’s like if I just don’t comply and refuse to go then non of this is happing but the authorities are now forcing me to do this is so unfit I know that sounds really imature I get that but I don’t feel in control of anything anymore now I wanna kick my wall or have a tantrum lol but I can’t because I’m a adult lol I’m so so really annoyed

What med did the doctor say u must take?

It’s totally possible to be on these meds and lose weight and keep it off. I lost 50 lbs. while being on three antipsychotics and kept it off over the past 2 and a half years by counting my calories every day. You can do it too.


To be honest if I was to go completely whacko and not know who I was I welcome it I’m so sick of been around anyway all I want is to be completely left alone I don’t even think I’m mad or insane I think it’s everyone else been a drama queen I just wanna be left alone on my own to live my life it’s them twisting everything I swear to god their just out to make me look like this and twist everything .! I May have a few issues but no offence not has deep has everyone is making out I just wanna I don’t know I don’t wven know why I’m ranting to you lovely people it’s not your problem I don’t know what to do any more they’re just taking over my life forcing me to I don’t know :man_shrugging: pop pills get fat I don’t even know what all this crap is there talking about in a few weeks I’m prob going to be sat in a circle basket weaving :musical_note: no cumbyaye giving out group hugs I hate them ,

They put me on abifliy I took them then I threw them away then they put me cholpromizine I didn’t even bother with them they put me on haroperdol but I took them then didn’t then. They thought they wasn’t working so they increased the dosage but I wasn’t taking them
Then I had a appointment and I thought I better take them I took them and the dose was so high my eyes flipped backwards …! I was seeing crises team at this point has I was in a psychotic episode then I went back on abiffiy

Now I’m Back on nothing and now I’m under secondary services has I’m now been forced by a order they put a order on me that I have to go I’m not happy one bit so now I have to comply and take the stupid stuff I don’t even think what there saying is correct I think someone’s made a mistake and now to cover there back there gotta keep this going

That’s a dangerous mentality to have. You seem to not be very interested in recovery. Have you tried APs previously?


I’m sorry I’ve never been on a forum before I’m answering people out of sync my apologies

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That is why they are doing the right thing, what about your family? Do you think they would be happy to see you in that state?


I’m not dangerous it’s like ok
I had a issue I don’t know what it was and then I think ok it’s like I don’t say I don’t hve issues but these people are twisting everything I say to make me out worst there completely awful I swear to god I can’t go into everything on here because it’s too long of a story I don’t wanna bore you and yeah but seriously there oh what’s the point have you ever tried to say something once someone gives you the tag of been mental who’s gonna believe you

Don’t cha know we’re all mad we can’t be trusted can we …

How old are u btw