I can’t afford to gain anymore weight

For me it’s a matter of life or death!

I have various health issues that can be resolved with drastic weight loss.

And here’s my psychiatrist who insists on prescribing me Depakote, one of the biggest weight gaining meds in the industry!

I’m so fed up of trying to lose weight on these type of meds!

I’d rather swing into mania and depression than be a corpse!

I’m definitely getting of this drug with or without her!

I’ve already gained more than 5 pounds in under 3 weeks!


I hear you, Wave. I have to lose weight too or else I will have a very painful death. Meds just make things worse for me. So hopefully I can come up with a good plan. I hope you do too, advocating for yourself is an obligation when you are receiving treatment. Wish you luck!


You know yourself more than I do but most of the time mental health is more important than weight gain. I am healthy at 285lb and it doesn’t bother me honestly. I was 200lb on Abilify but my mental health was bad because of it. I dont know how serious your symptoms are without depakote. My pdoc dropped me bcz I was asking him to change my meds tons of times and he won’t change my meds anymore. I am sure he put a note in my folder so that future psychiatrists dont change my meds if I ask to.


Thanks @anon97970229 and @Aziz

You don’t understand @Aziz
But the the ugly truth is that I’m slowly dying of obesity.

I have high blood pressure, diabetes, a fatty liver, kidney cysts, a large thyroid nodule and worse of all an atherosclerotic aorta which is twisted.

I can die any second now all because of my med induced obesity!

I even have to consider coming off of risperidone.

I’m a walking time bomb!


Does your psychiatrist and gp know about these? What do they think?

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I don’t care what my gp thinks, it’s my psychiatrist who keeps prescribing me these metabolic time bombs.

I’m going to have to be very upfront with my psychiatrist.

An atherosclerotic aorta is downright deadly!

I have no choice but to switch my meds.

I’m not ready to die in my 50s


Also just found out that I have an enlarged heart!


I’m badly overweight myself. In the past was able to work up the motivation to exercise off the fat. Now I can’t do that.

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Yea Wave, I feel for you.

Weight gain really sux and especially if you have other illness concerns.

You need to be direct with her and tell her. Sometimes Pdocs do not care about anything else than containing your symptoms. Its abit of a catch 22.

Its a serious concern and she needs to understand it and if shes not willing to explore as many options as possible, time to find a new pdoc.


Obesity means not unhealthy.things that you consume is healthy or not.you can be still healthy obese with natural food consuming.im 107kg and i have never experienced any health problem.our weights are not related with our healthy or unhealthy habits.its totally different mechanism.try to consume natural food (mediterrain dishes)with natural oil exctract and dont mind your weight.in our case key is consume healthy foods.its crucial.and as long as consume healthy natural food don t mind your weight.it will(may) not threat your life.

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Thanks @crimby @anon39015889 @anon68444330

@anon68444330 I’m eating healthier, I follow a low carb anti inflammatory diet but with these meds I’m still gaining weight!

Depakote increases your appetite and slows down your metabolism at the same time!

If I’m going to live beyond 5 years I have to lose weight drastically!

There is no room for these kind of meds!


I’m sorry @Aziz but one cannot be healthy at that weight.


Well my Drs say I am healthy and I feel good. No need to worry and have anxiety about it but thats just me.

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I mean I want to go back on Abilify and get down to 200lb to get a gf but anyways even on Abilify I wasn’t able to hold a job for more than a month so I dont have much luck in dating.

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You have a fatty liver like me.
This is not considered “healthy” @Aziz


Dr said its fine and stable and to not worry as its not dangerous.

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I hear you. I have to eat less than 1550 calories to maintain weight, not even lose it. That is not a lot of food to me, but I do it.

It is the only way, I’m afraid.

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Besides I had fatty liver since I was young before being diagnosed with sz. My mother also has fatty liver since she was young so its probably genetic I think.

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Years before I got diagnosed with sz I was 135lb and had high liver enzymes, Drs couldnt find the cause until I did a scan and fatty liver showed up.

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I have a ■■■■■■■ enlarged heart!

Directly caused by diabetes, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

Which is ultimately caused by med induced obesity over the years!

I think I’ll try either Latuda or Rexulti.

No more mood stabilizers.