'New lead' in hunt for better schizophrenia drugs


How many years …!!! Till this medication comes…

Is it in form of some kinds of supplement…

@twinklestars .??? do u have any insight…


I read the original paper and it’s very early days. Just basic research on mechanisms. There is no medication yet in development, they’re are just investigating possible targets for future medications.
Probably at least 10-20 yrs. It probably won’t be a supplement.


I wonder if cardio exercise that releases endogenous opioids could help. I don’t have a lot of negative symptoms so I can’t speak too much on it.

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Exercise is indeed the only thing at the moment that looks like it helps. It rebuilds the brain by a bunch of mechanisms


i always felt better after exercise. it really helped my dissociation. felt almost normal for a bit afterwards.

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Here’s the discussion of the recent review paper looking at what happens to the brain after exercise

I’ve always thought antipsychotics caused negative symptoms. I don’t understand why they didn’t research that

There’s probably some truth to that. Doctors deny it.

It is only an identified target, not a medication.

I don’t know if there are existing medications that target act on this receptor for other illnesses.

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For instance, a studyTrusted Source wherein scientists genetically engineered mice to lack MORs found that the animals were less motivated to eat. Another studyTrusted Source discovered that when researchers blocked the MOR system in rats, they showed less interest in socializing with other animals.

In brief, they found "significantly lower MOR availability in the striatum of patients with schizophrenia relative to controls."

If it’s as simple as MOR hypo function then there’s a litany of possible solutions. There’s plenty pharmaceutical and non pharmaceutical that introduce opioids into the brain. Finding one that doesn’t exacerbate psychosis may be a problem but fixing that could very well be as simple as altering dosage and the timing of administration without actually having to change anything chemically. I could see this being similar to using ketamine to treat depression. If the problem is an actual lack of MOR receptors then things become much more complicated.