New fish today

I went to the local aquatics store. I asked them to test my water and she said it was sterile.

She said the best way to start the cycle is by adding a couple of fish to start with to get things going.

I will have to do frequent water changes and only feed every other day. Here is a pic of the fish. They are not settled in yet and are quite wary. But give a few days they will be right.


How is your sleep going @Qwerty ? Any better?


İ love small fish

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Last night was so-so. The night before was good cause I took a diazepam.

I’ve taken diazepam tonight along with my other medications. Hopefully I get a good nights sleep.

How are you ?

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These will get big one day.

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İf it were possible i would buy fish too you gotta keep the water warm in cold weather and find someone to take care of them when traveling other than that they are great to take care of i have 2 budgies and they are very easy to take care of i used to have 7 then i gave 5 of them to friends and family

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Do you heat their water ? How often do you change it do you have a water cleaner?

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Yes I have a water heater in there that keeps it at the correct temperature. When I add water to the tank I put a chemical in it to remove the chlorine.

I will be doing a 25% water chance weekly.

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