Got a new tank

Got a new tank for my pacman frog. It’s a 20 gallon long. She was soaking and hiding out in her dirt when I last saw her.


I finally got her set up. Needs more hides and fake plants.

I got the tank free, with a bigger water bowl but it needs disinfected.


She looks very cute.

I now keep a stag beetle I found the other day and feel very good about taking care of him. Doesn’t need much work though except moistening the mat and checking if jelly is still good but it’s fun.

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Looks good!
Can she have a friend with her in the tank or does she have to be alone?

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@bananatto I use to bring home all kinds of animals and bugs but my mom would never let me keep them.

No she has to be kept alone they will try to eat each other


Awesome! Cool tank. I wish I had a cool tank

I have four tanks in all. A 20 gallon long for my pacman frog. 50 gallon hexagon saltwater tank. 5 gallon freshwater tank and a bearded dragon in a 55 gallon bowfront


I think you have a lot of we szs bettered as far as having a gratifying interest and hobby. Kudos to you for developing this.

nice frog :slight_smile: my fish are in 155litres which is plenty of room, wanting more though :slight_smile:

Thanks @chordy the salt water tank is one of the tanks that requires the most work. We had an algae bloom from too much sunlight and overfeeding plus one of the pumps stopped working. I lost a few fish including my maroon clownfish. But once I get it back to normal I want another clownfish.

The problem with Jasper’s tank is that when it’s colder in the apartment I got to buy a new heat pad. Sorry rattling on I just get excited

Like I said, you’re way ahead of some of us in that you such a working interest ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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So cool. I’m jealous. My fish need an upgrade to a 20 long from the 5 gallon they are in.

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