New film that is bound to trigger everybody


Do I post the trailer or not ?

  • Post the trailer
  • Don’t post the trailer

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You can post it, doesn’t mean we have to click play.


Oh man, been there. I’m pretty sure that was just a recording from my second psychotic break. :rofl:


Holy Crow!
That was triggering!
But it’s not like I wasn’t warned :smile:


Why did I watch that!


Okay, too many people were triggered, including me. Call me a whimp, but I went ahead and deleted it.


Oh I’m so bummed I missed this! Can you send me a link to see it? I promise I’m triggered by ice cream and my own shadows. You can’t save me. And I’m super interested :slight_smile:


Yes please send me a link… please.


Oh man.


What did you see it?


Just tell us the name of the film so we can look it up ourselves!


Yes, please tell us the name!


It’s called “Unsane”.


Don’t do it, you’ll be sorry!


Oh, yeah.

I’ve seen that trailer on the TV like a hundred times,

It didn’t bother me much,

I don’t worry about being stalked.


I get really offended when I see depictions of mental illness and tend not to take them seriously.


Wow! I thought I the same thing when I was starting with sz. I didn’t get hospitalized but I’m pretty sure I was quite off with a lot of coworkers.


Wow that was really cool… I will be watching it for sure.

But I think movies wont show you these concepts with respect to those who suffer from mental illnrsses.

But if this movie does then it’d be really unsane.


Seriously. It made me super uncomfortable.


God. That makes me want to burn every psych unit to the ground. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if sane people were held against their will, and abused in a psychiatric setting. Because sadly, nobody believes a ‘crazy’ person.

(Note: I am increasingly getting sick of this whole movie trope of ‘I’m not crazy! Or am I?? Plot twist!’ )