Triggering question - movies related


The Exorcism of Emily Rose 

:scream_cat: watched it for the second time last night. Still pretty damn scary. I had to go with some stupid YouTube videos to forget about disturbing content. But that was hell of the horror movie for sure.


Yeah I own that movie. When it came out everyone in school kept saying “what if you’re Emily Rose!!!” Ugh…I swear I’m not :wink:

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A big part of its scary potential is the real story behind it. And googling that particular story…ugh better not

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I’ve never watched that movie before, but that movie sounds like it would definitely freak me out: “exorcism.” the movie title kind-of lures me in though.

lol okay. thanks for the heads-up

Don’t watch it. Or watch a trailer if you have to sneak a bit. I’ve never had a visual hallucinations but those kind of movies freak me up. I dont know why do I have a perverted urge to watch it. :confused:

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A lot of Movies trigger me, don’t think that one did though

Actually I kinda felt better when I read the real story behind the movie, which states that the real Emily was suffering from epilepsy which got her into psychosis etc etc so most likely the cause of her condition and death was biological after all.
I loved the trial scenes though - it was interesting to see the fight between the science and religion ( like those even have to be confronted!)


I just watched the trailer. :scream:

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OK…sweet dreams then.:angel:
I’m going to bed. Good night

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It’s triggering for me because it’s the most realistic movie I’ve seen regarding possession. I had to stop watching it, so I admit I haven’t seen the whole thing, but I thought that someone finally got it right.

A good creepy movie to watch is “Angel Heart”, with Mickey Rourke in it. That role was made for him. It’s creepy, but not too suspenseful. It’s not really scary, but you can really get lost in it.

I saw The Rite the other day, with Anthony Hopkins. Decent film

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One of my favorite horror movies when I was younger. I really enjoyed it. I haven’t seen it in ages though so wonder what I’d think of it now.

Maybe it would help if you look at Emily Rose for who she really was. According to what I’ve read she suffered from a type of psychosis called NMDA receptor encephalitis. In fact she was one of the first documented cases of this. She had delusions and hallucinations like a schizophrenic person as well as seizures and wierd body movements, which would explain her head twisting around like an Owl.
Instead of thinking of her as demonically pemosessed just think of poor Emily rose as w girl with an overactive immune system that caused her to behave bizarrely because it attacked her NMDA receptor.
When I am acting bizarrely I tell myself it’s just an excess of dopamine flooding my synapses and causing me to think I was just poisoned at dunkin doughnuts. Not that I am an insane freak who needs to be placed in a padded cell for the rest of my life.

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Emily the strange rose?

i haven’t seen a scary movie for the past 10 years.

Ha. Well that takes on a whole new meaning. :rose:

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Try watching “The Exorcist” Sarad. One of the scariest movies you’ll ever see.


That three on the clock thing, that does happen, happened to me actually.

I was encompassed by them and they were in my mind and heart.

3:00 all of the time. I would only look at the clock at 3:00 for a month straight.

Yeah that was me and i’m supposed to be dead right now. You’ll see us around even today wandering your cities in fear and pain.

They ripped me apart in everyway possible and i nearly dropped from starvation and thirst.

So as i was about to die some guy shows up and feeds me and gives me drink, out of nowhere he says he has power over spirits. I didn’t mention any spirits though i thought.

I saw the Emily Rose movie before I was MI and it was OK.I knew it was science and not spirits. Now that I am MI, delusional and paranoid, I am too fragile to watch movies like that. If I were still normal, I’d watch ‘Split’ but I can’t since there is a likelihood it could cause me to incorporate something into my delusion or become paranoid. I am way more sensitive to that kind of stuff now.

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