Never leave the house

Wake up whenever, sleep whenever.
Rely on a disability pension of $26,000 australian dollars a year.
Medication paid for by government, dr bills payed for, dental all paid for.
I wake up turn the computer on and sit, my groceries are delivered to my door my shopping and bills all done online.

It’s been like this for years now, I’m 23 years old soon and all I do is sit at the computer and watch streams, movies, documentaries or play video games, browse the internet etc. all the while waiting for a government funded house 1 bedroom which takes many years to get. So I share house and pay about $150 a week rent and electricity phone+internet around $100 a f/night and buy my own groceries while living with my mother. I have 2 bedrooms 1 bedroom is set up like a living room couch, tv, computer etc. another room just has a bed in it and clothes. I have my own toilet, fridge and bathroom. I live literally over 1hour walk away from a train station in an area of about 5,000 people. I can catch a train for hours to a city and that is it. So I sit, connected to the internet tvs blaring, laptops running and a desktop and many monitors with web browsers and video games/movies running. Wake up whenever, sleep whenever, do whatever only leave house for daily exercise in a small country area and have everything delivered to my door including medication. No friends, no contact with anyone or anything completely cut off. And MAN I tell you. Through the emotions you go through it is hard some times mentally but I’ve never felt so bloody good in my life. I call my self the OZZIE HIKIKOMORI Bound to a house a recluse and mentally ill but not your typical hikikomori of definition.

And when I am finally housed, I will continue to live this life until I die.

Quick Snap.
Disability pension $500 a week.
Rent $125
Elec $25
Phone+internet: $25
Food: $90
MISC: $30
Savings: $205

In some way mental illness for me took a lot but gave a lot as well.
Anyone else out there like me?

how fast is your internet?

I isolate too much. It’s going to come back to bite me.

hey there

i am somewhat the same but i have kids so i have to go out and moreover i WANT to go out. i live in a government supplied house (3 bedroom) i collect disability and employment and support allowance…
.i get on well with my neighbours and i have to go out to take the kids to school and training. i am a single parent of an 18 yr old girl with chronich fatigue syndrome and a 15 yr old boy ith emotional problems.
financially life is ok. i get my rent and council tax paid, free medical and dental…but mentally life is tough…my friends all live about 2 hours from me though they come to stay every once in a while for the weekend…i go out to go shopping, walk the dog but that;s about it.
i need to start doing things for ME. i#'ve been a mother so long that i#ve forgotten what it’s like to do something just for me…but that will change soon. i#m hoping to start computer classes sometime this year and also defence clases too. where obvs i will meet like minded people. you are not allowed to study full time if you are unemployed in the uk so my classes will all be part time. but that;s ok…
.i am so sick of doing nothing that i have made the decision to change my life drastically. it’s going to be tough but i have hit rock bottom in my personal life and have no more patience with myself. first thing on my hit list is my weight. i have put on 2 and a half stone in the last 4 months due to being on high dose pain killers for fibromyalgia…i weigh nearly 13 stone now and i hate it…so first things are diet and exercise…no more ice cream, buttered toast or cheeses except on the odd occassion, IF i’ve earned it diet wise.
then once the holidays are finished i shall be starting computer courses…it’s nothing major…just basic computing and after that the more advanced coding courses.
the only person that can change my life is ME. i too live in the countryside but i do have a car and a “twatnav” so there is no excuse for not getting around. i do not want to be on disability for the rest of my life. i want to get better, enough that i can have my own business working from home if possible…i have a few ideas that i would like to put into operation and i#ll be working to acheive those. first thing i need to do is save money to start those things off.
life is what you make it i think. i can either sit here for the rest of my life, doing nothing, being nothing or i can get up off of my arse and do it for myself. i choose the latter. it will take time but that’s ok because when you are on disability, what else do you have but time? good luck to you if you decide to change your life. xxx


sounds like you are “set” financially. I only make $13 K a year !! I consider you lucky that you are so comfortable even though you don’t leave the house much. I don’t leave the house because I can’t afford it !!

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I rarely leave the house, but I feel bad about it.

Having Agoraphobia, lack of motivation, anxiety, paranoia, panic disorder makes it tough for me to go places, but its still no excuse.

Lately I have been feeling way too comfortable in the safety of my home.

Sometimes the world feels like its one big scary place - Man, I am getting tired of this.

Isolation can lead to psychosis. I had my first “break” when isolated.

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wow. If it’s working for you, good for you. Once I worked from home and it drove my nuts! I really need to go out and socialize, meet people, talk and make friends. Don’t you want to study something at least if you’re 23?

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It sounds like you’ve got it pretty good. I’m sorry you got ill.

I make about US$18,2 K/year. I work part time as a gardener in an enterprise adapted for psychic disabled. I live in a city and go out frequently. My mood is better than when I was unemployed. At that time, I earned US$21 K/year. Living conditions stay hard because cost of living is high where I live.

[quote=“rollies, post:1, topic:29890”]Anyone else out there like me?
[/quote]I try to leave the house for walks as often as possible, but the heat is keeping me indoors most of the days at-the-moment.

Otherwise, yeah. I am a recluse as well. My left-brain feels heavily constricted & sunk in on itself, which keeps me bed ridden most of the day. My brain refuses to let me do x, y, or z on certain days. If it were up to me, I’d be more active on the internet. But, alas, there must be a world beyond this one and I feel like I am simply training for that new world.

drove your nuts? that sounds awfully painful. i hope you gotten better.

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yeah also many, infact most of schizophrenics display social isolation prior to their illness. its a big part of the symptoms for determening schizophrenia.

doing nothing drives me crazy, i need to be doing something but i also need my down time, its all about getting the right balance for me, i like it bc it keeps my brain going in an orderly direction, i like to think about music and college and making money and socialising and just about everything and anything that takes my mind off of my ■■■■, the meds help a lot but i like to take advantage of my new found capacity on this med because i’ve been moving on up for just over 5 years now, onwards and upwards they say lol

yeah, isolation sucks for me, i also get most things paid for but when i get lonely i get unwell, thoughts permeate in my head and spin and race and its a real drag, even the best medication cant help that for me, naaa, you can keep your isolation, i want freedom, thats what i want, i aint no hermit haha

It’s like I have this serious problem that makes me feel like I’m dying from isolating and I have this attitude like that’s your problem and you need to fix it yourself , only it is myself. This is not so funny.

How many lbs. is 13 stone?

I pretty much do the same but without the excersise and I think that it is great .

There really is no reason for me to interact with anyone except for the necessary like grocery shopping .

The few psychological breaks I’ve had were all triggered by the outside world,but i do believe its prolly a good idea to at least keep in touch family unless you know theres a specific not to.

I was just thinking that another negative is after years of living like this I act a little off like that ‘old man on the mountain’ that only comes into town for supplies once a year and is a little weird LOL I don’t really care but it seems to bother other’s.

Seems everyone is much more forgiving of my solitude these days. Dunno if times are changing or I changed

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about 160 i think x