Neither i can live nor i can die

Feeling hopeles…■■■■ this life

Me too :frowning:

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I feel trapped because I couldn’t even kill myself if I wanted to. They wouldn’t let me. Today was pretty good. I spent a lot less time talking to my audience than usual. Felt more normal. Maybe it is the Vistaril I took.
Anyway, I am sorry you feel shytty. Is there any way you can adjust your meds? I am just asking because you tend to have a lot of bad days lately and I would love to see you feel better. I empathize, though. I can get very down about my past and my likely future. It can suck.

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I’ve been where you are. I was scared to live and scared to die. Just remember, these feelings can change. It doesn’t have to always be this way.

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I feel the same than you. I wish I was dead on the one side but greatfull that I’m still alive on the other hand.

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Do u mind me asking what your particular problem is it

Not taking action is a better option when you’re feeling down. Sit back, relax, and let your thoughts travel places inside your head for awhile. Make the story travel to places you have some recollection of happiness, doesn’t cost any money to live back in good memories.
If the mind takes a turn for the dark side, take Siri’s cue, and say “off route, recalculating”…do this often enough and the mind sets on auto-pilot to better places.

I went through a loooong time where I fought so hard within my own mind to find some light to cling to, but at every turn it fell off the cliff into despair.
Honestly, when in that state, I saw no escape from this pain, only more of the same.

Looking back on that time, I wouldn’t ever wish anyone- not even my worst enemy, to have to drive the same streets of no hope.
Honestly tho, I can not recall the day I pulled away from those dark roads.
I cannot recall what exactly helped, what made the difference, nothing comes to mind as to how I escaped it, but today, I don’t experience those dark hours much anymore, maybe it is time that heals all wounds…but only if you stick around long enough in life to get better.