My story for today

Strange how when one feels better one forgets one has an illness. Don’t know though if I’m better but wasn’t so bad today but the day was hard. Wasted my morning waiting for nothing to get my meds, because clerk forgot I was waiting for chart until I got up an hour or more later to complain why are they taking so long I just need my meds. Couldn’t see pdoc and I have to wait till next week. Felt so unhappy about that but what can I do? I feel a bit better now, managed to read a bit but only time will tell if it still lingers.

I doubt it will just go away or could it? Maybe need new meds. Not feeling very much problem with psychosis except lingering feeling of inserted thoughts. Depression but bearable for now

That’s my story for today


I’m glad you’re having a less rough day.

I took dance classes back in 2018 and they helped quite a bit with my mood. I was coming out of 4 years with severe negatives and I’d just found myself a part-time job. Dancing helped a lot, I managed to leave the past behind somewhat, and I also met a few nice people there. Still, I quit after 3 months cause my body could no longer keep up with our teacher’s high expectations lol.

Dunno if my story sounds interesting, just a reminder that we can make conscious choices that may improve our lives.

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I came up with a new theory today. This is just a practice life. My real one will come after I die. I’ve always been so fragile! It’s amazing I made it through what I have! All my hardship has been in the fantasy realm. That’s why I can still answer the door with a smile and not a hammer in hand.

@Jinx as you say, it’s just a theory. Truth is, no one knows for sure if afterlife exists. I’m still chasing peace of mind in this life. Lately, with some success.

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