Talking things out about me

I feel completely out of control. My pain outweighs the little joys I get out of life to the point the little dot of conciousness in my head wants to just lie down and die. I’m so lost and pretty much a lost cause. The hope of a better tomorrow which never comes , may it come seems not important in this numbness of who I am.

Hey man. I am sorry that you are feeling so awful. You are certainly not a lost cause. I know what you mean. The hope of tomorrow can take a long time to get there. But, things can and will get better. I really hope you are doing okay. Have you talked to pdoc recently? Or gone to a therapy? It could help you out. Sending you the best of luck.

@sharp thanks for the reply, I am going to a therapist, and waiting to find a new psychatrist. Maybe I’ve just hit a rough patch these past couple weeks or the years of mental illness finally came crashing down and now is taking its toll.

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Probably a hackneyed answer, but working on your medications, including antidepressant, can make a lot of difference in how you see and experience things.

If you’re not medicated now, try to hold out and find that psychiatrist.

@pob I am on medication that has kept me stable, but …

What comes after the but?

The day to day illness

is difficult.

How are things now?