I don't want to live 2

leave me alone, I don’t want to live anymore. yes.

I want my life to end.

Oh that’s pretty sad. I wish there was anything I could do to help :confused:
Just a few minutes ago you talked about how things were improving for you; your sleep is getting better and so on. Try to remain focused on what you do have, and how things are slowly getting better.

No reason to jump ship if it’s not sinking anyways, right?

I am sorry, I am sometimes overcome by negative thoughts.
I am ready to be an invalid my entire life.
Life in any form is very precious.
That is what I believe and that’s what I’ll try to stick with.


You’re not an invalid.
You’re experiencing a temporary setback, and that’s okay.

Just do your best and see a therapist.

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@Berru my entire life so far is a setback, but you know , even if your life is one big setback,
it’s all right, you need to deal with it.
Not all manage to meet the very high standard of functioning set by healthy society.


Ive been going to college on and off for nearly twenty years and havent finished ■■■■. But i am going to go through an online school next year hopefully. I have a major setback right now. So dont feel alone.i need to sort out my meds situation and get counseling. I know the feeling of wanting your life to end. It just seems all too much but i try to find something that keeps me going whatever it may be.

I was like that for a hell of a long time
Then I realised I do want to live
Life is better than it was

Don’t give up I know that there is hard times but realize this. Whenever you feel low find a way to compensate with a high and see the better things in stuffs :hugs:

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Great advice @Illvoices !
I love you!