Negative side effects of seroquel

I wanna know the negative side effects of seroquel because im trying hard to get of risperdone after having another psychosis. What’s your opinion

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eat that ■■■■ at night, and starve yourself until it…cause you’ll have bad hunger cravings when you take it.

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For me weight gain is the worst aspect so I just have a strict diet and started going to the gym

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I liked Seroquel XR, but it raised my blood glucose levels too high, too fast and gave me Hypothyroidism, so I had to get off of it - good mellow drug though

I was a fighting grade 180 when I went into the va hospital, after serequel, in a matter of maybe a month I was 230…penned up in that hallway going to (group meetings) and not satisfying my physical body. Eat really, I mean really smart-and plan to expend energy on your own…no one isn’t going to help you work out…you probably won’t have the energy…so get someone who can get into your place and wake you up to train…you need to be resilient through the mind numbness known to be (sequel).

Don’t know any bad side effects of seroquel have been taking it for a while. Don’t know if it calms you down or makes you more anxious. I may be making my mind more numb though. What are your guys opinion?

Are you taking at least 600 mgs a day?

no 20mg
i guess a low dose

In combo. with other meds.

Man I still don’t trust it I took it starting 2004 for a PTSD sleep aid. I didn’t receive benefits back then, either-but I was on meds I’ll tell you what…Seroquel blows.

Yeah true I have zero energy and am always yawning my head off on the machines. Its also hard to concentrate so I tend to exercise in 20 minutes at a time and then move onto a different activity.

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Get a true all American workout buddy!

would rather fall asleep than feel anxious all the time
but one can just watch one’s diet
and go for long walks

nope. I ate a whole line of oreos last night.

restless leg syndrome if I get near or over 150mg.

I’ve taken 400 x 2 Seroquel with 80 x 2 Geodon for years. I’ve never noticed any side effects from either drug. I’ve come across people who have a tough time with Seroquel, though. I can’t really tell I am taking it.