First week on Seroquel

Wow, this is some powerful stuff. I just slept for 17 hours straight. I hope the sedation is not always this bad.

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i use it as a sleep aid but it makes me eat loads so i have to b careful how much i take. i never got used to it but hopefully u will xxx

What dose are you on @77nick77 ? It’s also sometimes used as a sleep aid as it was for me at the lowest dose.

200mg at bedtime…

Thats not that high a dose actually. But it knocked me out at 50mg so I’m not surprised.

Seroquel at lower doses acts like Benadryl on Steroids - it basically knocked me out - but I did like how Seroquel made me feel - less anxiety and depression - Good luck with it

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I had once been on the combination of risperidone 25 mg injection and seroquel 200mg. That combination made me seriously depressed, especially in evenings between 19-21 pm. So you’d better keep an eye on symptoms of depression.

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Seroquel is like a sleepy time blanket for the brain. It’s like a deep wax coating for all the raw ends.

Little by little my seroquel was rising back up toward 150 and I was having a much harder time staying level. When it wore off, I was super hyper, and then I’d take my meds and be so drained again.

My dose is back down to 50 and my latuda is up and I’m feeling a level amount of energy come back. I’m not having any energy spikes and raw nerves as much as I used to.

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Seroquel is a fine drug, but it is also notorious for relapse. It seems that the former medication gets out of the system before the Seroquel fully addresses the disease.

If I were changing to Seroquel, I would get a PRN of my former medication so that I could dose myself with the old stuff if things went hairy for a bit.

Keep us informed!


Thanks Jayster. My doc prescribed Seroquel in addition to my resperidone.

Kewl, Nick. Well, people get accustomed to the larger dosages of Seroquel such that the fatigue and sedation no longer become as problematic. I believe at 200 mgs. your body will adjust to the Seroquel over time.

I tool a subclinical dose of Seroquel for two years and the sedation always worked for me. For two years I took 25 mgs. of Seroquel at bedtime and always got to sleep. I had to sleep longer, but when I woke up, I would be Okay.

In the end, I quit Seroquel believing my likelihood of developing full blown diabetes was lessened by skipping Seroquel.


Seroquel leads to diabetes? Because of weight gain? Or some other reason?

wow, can i have some…
take care

“Watch out what you wish for.”…

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They tried me on Seroquel at the hospital, but it made my blood pressure go way down. So check on that Nick.

Thanks. My psychiatrist checks my blood pressure when I see him.