Need to quit

My job I think it’s time as I’ve had enough.

Maybe now isn’t the best tome to make such a big decision? Perhaps wait a few days until you even out a little more?


Hey honey, you’re trying to make really important life decisions lately, maybe not the best time. Let yourself calm down first then make the decisions.

Lots of hugs and love your way :heart:


I’ve revealed to my colleagues too much about myself I am completely embarrassed beyond repair. I have said things to them that I’ve said here

I have two lines of thought along those lines. One part of me says to just go anyway. You’re working for yourself, not them. On the other hand, perhaps it would be less stressful to walk away and avoid any potential scenes. Either way, take some time and don’t do anything rash. Evaluate your options first.

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You’ve said nothing embarrassing here.

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I told them the straight out asked for sex from le and i agreed that I never done it but was open to it.

What’s embarrassing about that? They probably didn’t even bat an eyelid. Chill.

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I hate to be blunt, and this post will probably get flagged, but I’ll say it anyways…


You only take from this site. You never give to any other posters.

When you start to learn to be more of a ‘giving person’, your whole world will open up…relationships will get better…your life will become wonderful.

I know I’m going to get destroyed for saying this…but somebody had to.

I hear you, and I think you make an honest point. Personally, for me, I’m trying to make an effort to be a little more approachable. I’m also trying to recognize a lot of folks here have misfiring brains, and may not always be at their best. But I do think you have made a very fair point.

I like @ish…I also like @pretzel too…

But when you are forever taking and not giving back …the clutter can destroy you.

That’s just me in general. I’m not a very giving person I guess. I don’t have much to offer. That’s how I’m in real life. So no friends? Makes sense to me.

When I force myself to give, I am up against the problem of coming off as insincere. But, then I suppose an insincere cook is better than no food at all. Still, the reflection is felt.

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I feel that I come off as insincere as well. I try to take more thought in my comments to others and spend less time talking about myself. Trying to keep a balance ya know.

'Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love."

Lao Tzu


@Patrick I thought you posted you weren’t going to post on here anymore, didn’t you? leave ish and chordy alone, they can’t help it that they need more than others and you are insensitive to most people’s plights by making up jokes or trying to seem clever with your quotes as you did here. I’m not impressed and I don’t like you AGAIN.

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Tsk. You need to channel the darksith and support everyone unconditionally. At least that’s what you told me…


Are you sure? You may be jumping to conclusions. There are a lot of compassionate people out there.

Take it slow on major decisions. Finding new jobs is not always so easy.

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Not a big deal. Thats not something to be embarassed about or concerned about. In no work place I’ve been would this be a big deal.

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ALL the people I work with now about my diagnosis, I told them when I first started, I am a foreman, so I told the guys under me, and told them flat out if they had an issue to take it up with me.

Its not a big deal, you just have to work through it.

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