Should i give up my job?

Just got hired. but my symptoms prevent me from doing a decent job. Feel uncomfortable around the people there, the customers that come in, because i feel like i’m not doing a good job. Want to quit before i make an embarrassment of myself and give my employer a bad name. I don’t want them thinking i am special or a racist.Thinking all sorts of negative thoughts today which made me become more depressed. I never thought so many bad thoughts before about other people. That is the opposite of who i am as a person.The people in my body sometimes get mad at me for them and make me mess up on the job. By the end of the day i feel drained, and fear working there again,

Yeah, I understand that internal hate-mongering going on. You’ve most likely got to be compliant with meds, feeling strong emotionally and physically, and wanting to fulfill your role. You’ll get there though.

On the job i try to be upbeat and cheerful. But out with other people i feel so selfconscious especially when i make a mistake that i lose my smile and can’t not be so serious. Then i feel i’m making the customer feel uncomfortable because they think i’m so serious or i don’t like them. Also not too well coordinated for this job. The people in my body make it difficult for me to be better at it. I think they effect my motor functions and also my memory.

Hi Daze,
I do have internal hate-mongering going on when i think all these thoughts. Just want peace of mind or a quiet mind. I don’t want to see or hear them.

You might be under too much stress when they occur, do you think?

Can you try to focus your mind on something you love?

Maybe you’re doing a better job than you think. On most jobs there is a learning curve, it takes time to learn your new duties and it takes time to get comfortable there. And employers know this. I’ve been at my job for four years, I embarrass myself all the time, lol. There’s a certain leeway when it comes to embarrassing yourself. I don’t cause big scenes but I make social mistakes frequently. They call them Faux Pauxs. I don’t enjoy embarrassing myself but it happens.You don’t have to be the best worker or get along with everybody or be perfect. Maybe if you stick with it you will get better. Even if you end up quitting, you can give yourself a pat on the back for putting yourself out there and giving it a good honest try.

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How long have you been on the job? There is a grace period for making mistakes while you’re still learning. On the other hand, if you feel you can’t relax, and your job is doing more harm than good to yourself, it might be a sign that it isn’t the job for you. I recently had to make that realization with a job I had at a daycare. Everyone was nice, but there was no organization or accountability, and it frustrated me beyond healthy limits.

If you’re still new, you should give it time and see if it gets better, but if you’ve been trying for a while, it may be a sign that it isn’t a good fit.

This my second week on the job, am thinking will give it one more try

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Ya do that, its worth a try… I work full time and there are many situations that I just want to walk away from… But I rely on experience to guide me thru, even thou I may be stressed out, sometimes taking a day off can help, good luck :slight_smile: