I’m considering a job offer

I’m considering a job offer and I’m not sure whether or not to take it. I think my annual income will be the same, but I make more per hour and they will give me raises.

Being indecisive makes me feel like a really bad person. I have to call the owner of the business this evening with my decision.


They say “sometimes a change is better than a break.”

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What duties would be performed in the new job compared to the old job?

do you like your current job? would they consider raises if you told them you were leaving?

Congratulations :love_you_gesture:t4::tada::slightly_smiling_face:

Job offer means you are wanted.

Good luck @SpringRose

No, no raises. 1515

The job duties are about the same.

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What’s your first impression of the people who would be your new coworkers

The lead massage therapist is awesome. I have decided to accept the job. I think it’s better overall. I left the chiropractor a voicemail and text that I’m accepting the job. I’m waiting for him to call me back and say it’s OK I’ve accepted the job, which he should, lol.


Good luck with everything @SpringRose!


Massage therapist is cool. I have a degree in kinesiology, its similar to physiotherapy. But I never had a chance to work with it because sz hit me hard.


Thanks @Aziz. It’s an ok job, low stress.

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I haven’t heard back from the chiropractor about the job and I’m losing interest in it.

At my current job, I work 9-5, 4 days a week. No weekends. However, I won’t really get any raises.

I’ll be working every other Saturday at the new job and until 7pm twice per week. So, every other week I’ll have two days off spread apart. I hate that. I hate working weekends and evenings. Maybe this isn’t the right job. However, they give ok raises for what I do.

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Best of luck to you @SpringRose !!! I hope you love it there!

I think this is a good idea. It will also give you a fresh start from the workplace issues you have been having with your current co-workers, etc.



Congratulations on accepting the new job! I hope it is wonderful and you love it there! It sounds like you made a sound and wise decision. Nicely done!

Thank you @ozymandias @ZmaGal @Lickety-split. I think it’s a good idea I took the job too.

With the general manager and front desk associates - The uncomfortableness, avoiding eye contact and barely talking to me seems extreme. I mean I got the message on August 30 not to have personal talk. I know the manager did this. It bothers me less today and it’s a little humorous (just a little) because I know I’m leaving.

The chiropractor got back to me and said he wants to check the hours I’m supposed to work with the admin and get back to me tomorrow. I am surprised because he’s the one who put my hours together. I would think he would’ve already checked with the admin.

Anyway, it looks like I’m putting my notice in tomorrow.


You would not be where you are in life with your husband, children, and career if you were as awkward socially as your current employer has made you feel. Don’t let them cause you to doubt yourself, okay? You’re obviously very capable and on the ball.


Thanks @ozymandias. My husband said it’s a personal problem and not to address it.