Need luck or something

So I have no way to get my pills or go to the doctor because I got dropped from my insurance so this is my third day without my pills and nothing bad has happened (voices wise) but I have notice a few other symptoms popping up but I just need some luck right now. Does anyone else have this problem? Of not being able to afford ur meds and u have been trying to get on ssi but they don’t think u need it. Does anyone have that problem

No I don’t. In Australia you don’t need health insurance to get health care, and all my medication is on the pharmaceutical benefit scheme so it is subsidised. Are you going to be okay? Can your family help you get your medication?

Some of the pharmaceutical companies have programs where you can get your meds at no cost if you qualify. I used to get mine that way, that’s how i know this.

What medication are you on? Yes you may be able to get on some drug companies patient assistant program like that other person mentioned or if your medication still isn’t that expensive you may be able to try GoodRx or your doctor may be able to get you samples your doctor may be able to switch you to something else that is Affordable without insurance they won’t let you go without medication

avoid caffeine please.

They have tried but my mom took me off her insurance that was how I was getting them but now I don’t have the money to afford them or doctor visits

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