Last day of meds

I took my last ap this morning … I usually take 3 a day…I apologize in advance if I post anything weird…well more weird than usual…

why you quitting?

Insurance stopped covering it…can’t afford the 190 for my ap…or the 200+ for the rest of my meds .

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Oh crap can you get samples or anything?

Is there something you could do?Borrow or sth like that?My sympathy for you…

Sorry to hear this. Nobody should have to be without medicine when they need it. Hope the withdrawals aren’t too harsh on you.


Are you in the US? Can you get Medicaid? I would be screwed if not for Medicaid. That pays for my meds and therapy. Keep us posted as to how you’re doing. I am very sorry that you have to quit. Are you dx SZ?

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Sz anxiety PTSD and d.I.d…

are you american? there is no healthcare system? I thought oBAMA implemented something?

Oh no! Have you been having any luck with disability yet? I know you were going to talk to a lawyer.

oh geez. I am concerned for you. That’s a hefty diagnosis for someone on no meds. There must be something you can do.