Scared of relapse

About December of last year I moved out of my parents house, got my own apartment with disability money. Ever since then ive done pretty good, but I always have that fear of relapse. Haven’t taken meds or seen a doctor since I moved out (don’t have a car and can’t afford it) so it kinda feels like it’s inevitable.

Depression has come back along with some paranoia, just don’t wanna end up back in the hospital.

I don’t know what the purpose of this thread is, just wanted to get it off my chest since it’s almost 3am.

Y don’t u take meds? Did ur doctor recommend you stop?

Because I dont have good insurance to pay for meds or a car that could take me to a doctor

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Oh damm that sucks. I hope u can get insurance in future


How about the bus or a friend? Have you applied for Medicare or your states medical benefits? You can get your meds mailed to you in my area in California. Have you checked into that? If you could just somehow get to the doctor just once a month or every six weeks, he could write a prescription and when you run out maybe he could phone in or fax an order for a refill.

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