Need help getting into grad school

LI’m in trouble and looking for advice. I am 34 and have had severe difficulties finishing undergrad… Yessir been in school for 14 years. I developed a mental illness schizophrenic condition and accumulated at least ten incompletes that turned into fs because I couldn’t finish them. I’m studying anthropology and want to do gradschool in Trinidad or Jamaica before returning to the states to work on a PhD. At this point it is all wishful thinking because my GPA is two point three. It may be a little easier to get into the University of the west Indies. My other idea is to study Caribbean folklore in the states at Kentucky… A college with a great folklore dept. This summer I will try and read two academic books and one Caribbean or African novel or poetry collection every three weeks or so. I live on disability and my parents won’t be alive forever. I know the only solution is to work hard every day but I am wondering what my options are… What the wisest steps to take are… And what my chances of success are. So far there are two things to consider. I can take more classes and get good grades in them after I graduate. Would this help me get into grad school? I can try and get as many as possible fs removed from my transcript because the center for disabilities said this MAY be possible due to the severity of my illness. What do you guys think?

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It’s hard with schizophrenia. It was too hard for me to study undergrad and finish. I’m on disability. Have you considered that as an option? I know it’s great to have hopes and dreams but if realistically your struggling to finish then it could be a reasonable option!

I got two Fs while deeply psychotic undiagnosed and off Meds. When I got a psychiatrist he offered to write a doctors note to the university asking that the Two Fs be removed because I have schizophrenia and even though I waited a long time after dropping out to submit the note they still agreed to remove the Fs and replace them with two Ws. It can happen but I think the longer you wait the harder it is to get done. I’m doing a lot better now that I’m on Meds but I’m still worried about the gaps in my resume. Technically I was only completely out of school for less than a year but my last year at the first university I just kept withdrawing and for the first two years at community college I was taking almost no classes at a time. It just sucks cuz I got screwed by this illness and getting back on my feet afterwards was hard as hell and I can’t even say anything to explain it. I’ve thought about saying I had a medical condition and that it is no longer a problem but idk if that would be ok

If I couldn’t get into medical school directly after my Bachelor’s Degree, I could have gone and gotten a Masters Degree in BioChemistry. But really.

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I’m currently in the process of finishing my bachelors, which thankfully my job pays for my tuition but it seems like the college always finds a way to end up charging me for the class… so now I’m trying to apply for financial aid to cover this class that I just completed In the spring but they are saying no because I got a couple Fs two years back when I was having an episode. So I’m trying to file an appeal and also See what my options are with the disability department at the college to see what they can do for me… college is hard .:: I have 9 more classes and I will have my bachelors but I’m starting to wonder if it is worth it… it’s hard to stay sane already

It’s tricky getting disability and going to school … they can cut off the individuals disability if they find out.

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