Having trouble with school

I just finished my first year back at college with ok grades, 3.5 and 3.182 for fall then spring respectively.

The problem is I was on a term by term review basis to make sure I was progressing ok. In spring my schizophrenia got a little hard to control and I missed a lot of classes. I had to make up 2 weeks of work for 4 classes in about 3 days.

I wasn’t able to finish one of my classes and I got an I for incomplete, it does not bring the GPA down but it does show I did not finish the class.

Because of that I lost my financial aid, my chances to get it back are very, very low. Just depressed about it but I’m looking into other options, I can’t afford college and I would have to do a year at full time with my own money if the appeal is denied.

I just don’t want to live like this forever, I want to work again and help people not be stuck here and relying on other people.

By the way the requirement I failed was 80% completion rate, I took 14 credit hours and completed 11 for a total of 78.57% completion. It wasn’t 80% so my aid is automatically cut off for now.

It feels hopeless, I will always be a schizophrenic…I will always be a convicted felon. This schooling was my chance out of this life, off of disability and to make a difference for the better. It almost feels like the voices did this on purpose, if they stop me from progressing then I am stuck with them.

Hi there. Have you talked to a disability counselor at your school? I have heard that most colleges will make some exceptions for those with disabilities. It might be worth a shot if you haven’t tried already.


thats harsh man, especially since you caught up with all of those classes,

i hope you can still stick at it and not let your symptoms get in your way,

keep in touch with your p/doc and care team and let them know whats happening, maybe they can help somehow, maybe if you get a doctors letter idk, hope it works out anyway, take care.

Are you in the U.S.? Because here you can get the Pell Grant.

this is horrible…my thoughts are with you…hang tough

I didn’t know this until I started school, but many campuses have a “student’s with disabilities” center and they have been very helpful with me. I did have disclose my Sz, but the office hasn’t disclosed it with anyone else.

I’m pretty open about my diagnosis. But the center at my school with help advocate on behalf of a student. I know it’s different for every campus, but it’s something to look into.

Quick update and response. Yes I get the Pell grant but that is still technically federal aid that the college has the power to deny me, they denied my entire aid offer.

I contacted disability services and I plan to register with them soon, they can’t really help with this situation however.

I had to disclose my disability to financial aid so they could review it as the reason I did not complete all my classes and I had to detail a plan to prevent this from happening again.

I submitted a letter of appeal via email to academic progress review. I should know by the end of the month whether or not it was approved but I was told my chances are extremely low regardless.

please keep us informed…this whole ordeal is beyond awful…

good luck to you, this is awful. I would think if you had a Dr’s note you could get an extension from the dean or the college and complete the coursework and keep yourself on track with your academic career

I had a doctor’s note that covered like 2 weeks but those two weeks were the two before finals week. It was a lot of coursework to make up and I could have had an extension on one class past the “final grade due” day but that was just for homework points not tests.

The one class I got an incomplete grade in I didn’t take the final at all, it was not feasible with the other classes work on top of it and it was my weakest grade. The professor probably would not be willing to help me because she said before finals week that she helped me a lot and now it is up to me to put the effort in, she didn’t actually have to help me anymore because I wasn’t registered in disability services (she didn’t say she didn’t have to help me but I knew she didn’t).