Need help emergency, need to call the police

My sister won’t let me call the police to file a simple report. What can I do, someone is telling me that I am going to die. I am panicking inside and don’t want to die. I have people abusing me from inside and verbally. I just want to be left alone.

If you call the police they will take you to a mental hospital cause the police doesnt belive its possible to go inside a person to destroy them.

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I don’t know if I will be safe at the mental hospital and might go thru an anxiety and panic attack.

Listen you should listen to your sister

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Are you able to get in touch with someone you trust that you can talk to? It sounds like you are panicking, and you NEED to calm down in order to think clearly and see that this is the disease talking. I panic a lot, too. It can be hard to think through an episode. If you can, try a bath, read a book, watch TV, listen to music…anything to take your mind off it and help you settle. If you feel that none of this will work and the situation is dire, contact a crisis center, and they can help you through it. Sometimes, a hospital is the best place to be so that you can reorient yourself.


You need good medication to overcome the hallucinations of people insulting you on the street. They really are hallucinations, your brain is glitching, these things aren’t supposed to happen.

I would ask for guidance first mate I mean if you think that your sister isn’t enough liable guidance do what’s right.

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