Did you ever call the police?

I need the police’s help, have people saying they are going to shoot me and soon, but I hope not. I wish they would stop saying this and leave me alone.

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Just once, as a kid. I haven’t ever called them as an adult. I prefer to keep cops 100% out of my life… but if I got attacked or robbed or kidnapped I’d call them.

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No i havent. I was near to call The ambulance once.

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No but I told my parents to call the police on me so I could talk to them. They were kinda hostile

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I was seen as a nuisance after calling 100’s of times while I was psychotic. I don’t call anymore. Except when we were robbed, I called and they said others have been robbed as well. They ask if I’m ok, when I see them. It’s a small town so they know me.

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Calling the cops about hallucinations just makes them put you on a “crazy list”.


Thank god I’m on that list here in VA, or I’d have been charged with some stuff during my delusional period (first two years after onset).

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Yeah, they will either tell people to stop, send cops to section, or send a nice cop that “helps”. The nice help is best because the nice cop usually unders how mental illness makes you scared.


I’ve called the cops twice as an adult. Once because I could hear our upstairs neighbors throwing ■■■■ and yelling and they broke a window and the woman was always bruised, so I want taking chances. I called the cops on them.

The second time I saw our upstairs neighbors leave and then about half hour later their baby started crying and wouldn’t stop. It cried for over an hour and was starting to lose his voice. Or was so raspy and sad. We went and knocked on the door to make sure everything was okay because the baby started to sound like it was choking, but no one answered and their car was still not back yet.

Good thing I called on that baby, though, because our upstairs neighbor left hey baby with her boyfriend’s and the boyfriend overdosed and was passed out while the baby just screamed and screamed.


omg thats terrible! i hope the baby is okay now


I have had to call the police on others once. My sister was throwing a house party when suddenly things got out of a hand. It was because some girl started dancing with another guy and her ex started up a fuss. Eventually it turned into a fight between gangs. I’ve seen a few fights here and there but this turned into a full on rumble. There must have been about 40+ dudes fighting each other. It was like a small riot.

They had stepped outside and the entire block was filled with people fighting each other in groups. A few were laying on the floor and then a group of four to 7 started stomping and kicking one of the downed guys. My sister was panicking and asking, “What should I do? What should I do?” She was crying and I repeatedly told her, “Call the police.” She did not want to because she didn’t want to have a bad reputation and there was this other girl telling her some stupid as ■■■■ advice.

I told her, “They’re going to kill him if you don’t call the police.” She still was hesitant. I finally said, “If you don’t, I’m going to have to do it.” And so I ended up having to call the police and reported a huge fight outside our house. My sister opened the door and yelled, “My brother called the cops!” Needless to say they all scurried off like rats and cockroaches with a few remaining on the floor.

Thank goodness they showed signs of life and started to wake up from being knocked unconscious. Some were rivals but seeing as how they were recently knocked out they did not seem to remember much. Most fled except for a couple who were from out of town. I cleaned them up in the bathroom and did what I could to make sure they weren’t seriously injured. One tried to clean himself and left bloodstains all over.

Anyway, the cops were aware of the party because my sister was super popular and well known by many people. She had spoken to the police beforehand and gotten permission to have a DJ and a sound system to avoid noise complaints. Surprisingly they did not bring up any of the underage drinking and asked more about the fight. I told them I had no idea why it started or who they were. It was mostly true at the time.

Later one of the younger brothers involved would give me dirty looks but the rest of his brothers were still cool with me. It wasn’t like I pointed the finger and gave names. My sister was a mess but I scolded her in front of the remaining people (still a sizable amount) with her so called “friend” nearby. I told her, “She doesn’t give a ■■■■ about you, most these people don’t they just want to drink and party. Someone almost died tonight because you were listening to that girl. She is not your real friend. In a few years she won’t even remember you. I’m your brother and I had to deal with your ■■■■■■■■ because you were too busy trying to be cool and listening to a person that does not give a ■■■■ about you. Next time I tell you to call the police, call the ■■■■■■ police and put some goddamned clothes on, nobody dresses like that, you don’t see anyone else here with dressed like that do you?”

Her friend tried to interrupt me several times while I told her that. She was saying typical chola expressions, “It’s not even like that!” Fast forward years later. My sister and that girl haven’t spoken in years and she does not keep in touch with anyone on that party except maybe one or two people. Funny thing is I was about 16 or so at the time. It’s no wonder my sister moved to England.



I’m on the… when I say I’m suicidal and psychotic and need someone to get me to the er right away and I’ll be outside with a bag packed and my purse with me, they’re here at the latest,
5 mins arriving… list.

Good news? Last year, I was in the psych hospital 2x. This year, none. Hooooorrrraaaaayyy


My sister called them on me when she found me in the middle of an episode. I didn’t argue I was exhausted.

I called the police two or three times to take me to the psyche ward.
Once they came to my house and they handcuffed me before putting me in their squad car. They explained that’s just normal procedure. As they led me to the car I was hoping my neighbors would see me in handcuffs and think it was cool.

Another time during my addiction I lent my car to someone I didn’t know. He had dropped me off at someone’s house I did not know. I did not know the area at all and I didn’t know where I was. People were coming and going and the only person I knew there was my connection. People were smoking crack and they smoked a little with me but then they did not want to share.

I begged and annoyed them for a few hits until they got mad and threatened me and kicked me out of the bedroom. I went to the living room by myself while they all smoked crack in the bedroom.

After several hours I kept asking my connection when my car was coming back because he knew the guy driving it. He kept putting me off and telling me not to worry but finally at around midnight he asked me, “Don’t you get it? He ain’t coming back.” It made my feel both mentally and physically ill because it was my dads car. It was just such a weird f*cked up situation which was about par for the course during my addiction.

I stayed in that house all night and slept on the couch for a couple of hours and then got up early and took a walk to a store. I felt a bad episode coming on because I was in a relapse and it was happening all the time at that period.

The house had no phone so I walked across the street to their neighbor and knocked on the door to see if I could use their phone. The people answered but none of them spoke English except one person. I explained that I needed to call the cops. They actually let me use the phone and the cops came and took me to the hospital.

Now that I’m clean and sober, my life back then compared to now is like day and night. Back in my drug days situations like that night in the house and even worse situations were just a common occurrence for four years. Now, nothing remotely like that situation has happened to me in the last 28 years clean.

Anyways, the last time I called the cops to take me to a ward was about 1988 and they took me but they said they don’t normally do that and told me not to call them again. Snobs. Babies. Spoilsports.

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Don’t call the cops until the threat has become, you know, real.

No, the police was often called on me. (Not because I did anything wrong, they were just concerned of my well-being.)

They were very nice, and often brought me to the hospital. They dropped me off and then left.

That’s all there is to it. Nothing much, really.

Call the Police!? Oh god No. Ive had too many run-ins with them before - and wouldnt like the attention. They make me Paranoid just looking at them. If theres a problem i sort it “my” way.

I’ve had to call them once. I had a boyfriend with serious anger issues, and he was heading to my place when I heard someone knocking.
I opened it, and there was a guy with a bat asking for him.
Turns out my bf at the time had gotten into an internet argument with the guy’d girlfriend and threatened her, so the guy wanted to beat him up.
I keept looking out my window and they were parked in front of my place for a long time. So I called the cops.

No, never needed to call them… :thinking:

I’ve never had to called the police never been put in a situation were I had to but I would if it was something serious