I'm really afraid

I want to call the police. Tell them some people are wanting me dead soon. I have people thinking they can read my thoughts but it is not me putting any thoughts out there. Today the people in my body kept telling me I am dying soon. I wish I could video tape my life so someone could help me. I wish for privacy and peace. I am so afraid of people making me sound like I’m being a racist or pervert in my mind. I ask them to please stop listening, watching, or talking to me. I don’t understand Moe. Why he is rude and mean to me and also his friends. I find it disturbing hearing people say they want me dead. I hope this is just my imagination. I never hurt anyone and I’m a pretty good person. I would like to know how to take these people out of my mind. They say that they poisoned me and they want to kill me and my loved ones. I don’t know why they do or say these things.
I would just like them to stop. I don’t want to be murdered.

I called the police a few times when psychotic, told them my biology teacher is trying to poison me with a radioactive poison. First time I called they gave the phone to a paramedic who told me if I need an ambulance to go to mental hospital, I hung up and called 911 again, they threatened to give me a fine for harrassing them.

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well sometimes its like certain things happen that make no sense. i dont want to remember it all to me its better to fake it till u make it and leave the rest alone. some people are soul searching, or dive too deep. Like in the movie a Beautiful Mind. I still have fear episodes their the worst.

@Aziz that sounds like a bad experience I have thankfully not had bad experiences mostly with police. although when a fam member called once it was intimidating because I woke up and there was a knock on the door. someone had called not sure who it was I think it was my mom during one of her persecution delusions etc. when on the outside it is a lot easier to rational but in the thick of it the stuff does seem real.

and the other issue is when u forget something or a random event happens without normal explanations it will feed into the disease…keeping things calm is good but also for me personally learning not to attach to norms. Not to attach to how things are or should be. People without schizophrenia dont have to do this. I was basicallhy forced to learn non attachment and buddhist meditation by the illness.

Thats why I dont relate to normal people.


Don’t call the cops. Just don’t. Many departments are not properly trained in mental health crisis deescalation. Even if your department is, you never know what kind of cop will show up. It’s common in the US for things to get out of hand and the cops to use lethal force. About two weeks ago, some jackbooted thug killed an autistic kid for no good damn reason. Avoid dealing with the cops at all costs. They’re not mental health experts.


another reason not to call them is because its a delusion…and cops wont be able to help…cops are looking for crime or violent behaviors…it might annoy or upset someone because thats not what their here for even though it would be nice to have the intervention and training for to guide someone in the right direction…sometimes it better to say if it isnt broke dont fix it…

@see121 the most they can do for you would be to refer you to mental health services and it isnt worth it if there is not an actual ER cops cant wipe a wand and make ur fears go away but if u are feeling panicked or the paranoia gets worse call 911 and tell them u are having a mental health crisis or find a trusted person to tell them what ur going thru I hope this passes and u feel better soon.

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Calling 911 and asking for an ambulance is one thing (but an expensive one). Calling 911 and asking for the cops is quite another.

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