Natural meds(schizophrenia)

My mother believes people are after us and watching us trying to kill her, does anybody here have similar symptoms? Also has anyone taken any natural meds that have helped with symptoms that are similar, please let me know.

There is nothing natural that will pull a person out of a state of extreme paranoia like the one you are describing. Your best bet is to talk to a psychiatrist or perhaps the crisis team at the ER. If there was a natural way to treat these illnesses we would all be on it.


Your mother needs professional help As Soon as Possible (call today) - and the sooner she gets it, the better she will do long term.

Here is where you can get free help:

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There are no natural meds that can help stop the paranoia. Antipsychotics are the only thing that truly helps. If she refuses to take anything, she might find some relief from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It works best alongside medications, but there are a few posters here who can’t take meds for various reasons, and they just use CBT. It is a way of learning to respond rationally to symptoms. From what I understand, it doesn’t make the terror go away, but it helps control outward behavior. The people who use just CBT usually function on a lower level than the people who take antipsychotics also.

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