The longer I am off my anti-psychotics

The more my symptoms have begun to come back.
Not just with hallucinations, though I did just hear some kind of alien screach bing, but with the whole paranoia thing. I’ve gotten so mean to this one guy on facebook and the boy who moved all the way to my state from colorado started dating a girl a couple days after meeting her. Also my friends have made no effort to be friends with me anymore so I’ve gotten really depressed. I’ve certainly isolated myself to an extent, but going to work every now and then helps me socialize. I haven’t been having as many nightmares lately, which is friggen sweet, but I think I should go outside and make sure that noise I heard wasn’t actually real.

Bottom line, I can’t trust anybody. Only my family. They are truly the only ones looking out for me.
I could just fall asleep right here.

Has your tdoc come up with any alternatives? Can only think of Naturopathy myself. I would think it would be your cup of tea tbh,

Actually my psychiatrist said there was nothing he could do for me. Real comforting, eh? AH well, I don’t need him. I’ll be fine I’m sure.

Yeah, my family has stood by me for 35 years. I’ve had some good friends who I have trusted, but yeah, no one looks out for me as much as my family.

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Sounds like you would benefit from being back on your medications. Why don’t you go back on them to reduce the paranoia and positive symptoms?

Ah I cant because of a physical illness I have. :confused: Like, if I took my anti-psychotics I have a risk of paralyzing my stomach, going into a coma, or just outright dying. Believe me, I would if I could.

There are a lot of medicines that are available for injection - so never reach your stomach. Have you talked to your doctor about those?


I’ve never heard of that, nor has my psychiatrist recommended it. I have an appointment with my therapist next week so I will bring it up then. My psychiatrist is her husband and their offices are right next to each other. Maybe that can be an option for me!

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