Any luck with natural remedies?

Hello! I’m Jessica May and I do not have schizophrenia. I do have social anxiety disorder and depression (clinically diagnosed), self- diagnosed schizoid personality disorder, and I engage in maladaptive daydreaming.

Enough with introductions! The reason I’m here on this forum is to try to figure out if anyone has ever had any luck with using natural remedies ( i.e. vitamin therapies, herbal supplements, medical marijuana, meditation/yoga, etc…) to cope with their various schizophrenic symptoms. I personally have used supplements to help me and have had a great deal of success; but schizophrenia is so varied and complex, making it extremely hard to deal with.

I work at a health food/ vitamin shop and I’m always worried that one day someone with a severe disorder (specifically schizophrenia) will come into the store- at the end of their rope, sick of the side effects of their medications- looking for something that might help, and I won’t know what to say. Having dealt with my own neurological issues (having had NO success with medications or therapy, and no understanding from my family) I know how hard it can be to feel like there isn’t any help out there.

I’ve heard a lot about glycine and creatine having a positive effect (amino acids in general are good for the brain- I take them myself) but I’m sure there’s more.

So, I ask everyone here: What works for you? What didn’t work? What medications do you take with your supplements? Are you even on medications? Do the supplements that you take help you deal with the symptoms, side effects, or both? Help me help others! Thank you so much for your cooperation. :slight_smile:

I feel shrooms and weed in the long run helped my depression by giving me clarity and explaining life and making it seem more interesting…staring at the moon and stars in the woods…nature…well i was on shrooms and/or weed when it happened and I became very introspective and it helped my depression, but in the long run it was abilify and trileptol combination that helped my depression the most…not to encourage you to do shrooms but you asked…and those things made me feel better

That’s fine- I’m glad you shared that, actually. I have used hallucinogens and marijuana in my life, and have benefited mentally/emotionally/spiritually from it. I’ve heard that doctors are trying to make antidepressants from magic mushrooms, using whatever chemical it is that causes mental clarity and euphoria. Interesting. Thanks for your input.

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Thanks for your post too.

Supplements interact with medications, so be careful. The only supplement shown to have an anti psychotic effect in medical research is fish oil, but not the type sold in health food shops. It needs to have a very high epa content and be pharmaceutical grade.

As an example of interactions, I tried lemon balm for anxiety and it nearly gave me a heart attack, I felt pressure on my heart to the extent that I said out loud ‘f…k I’m dead’. I was on abilify at the time.

When I was on seroquel, niacin seemed to interact very badly with it for me.

It’s a mine field to be honest.

You might be safest recommending pharmaceutical grade fish oil or something like vegepa. It will take about 3 months to have an effect if any effect at all.

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i don’t do meds…but i do this;
pro-biotics…increases serotonin levels in stomach
krill oil…omega 3…helps and feeds the brain
vitamin b’s…calming
balanced food intake…prefer organic
no alcohol
no recreational drugs
low to ’ no ’ sugar…
regular protien
iodised salt
tahini…sesame seed spread
vit c
native american tea
nettle tea
hawthorn tea
green tea
all of the above i take and more…hope this helps

take care :alien:


Dude, if everyone did what you do the world would be a healthier place! Thanks so much. :smile:

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I wish it was that easy…med or natural the schizophrenia has stages…


Yep sugar is evil alright.

My brother is good progress after “Pegagan” and habbatussauda herbs. But we Don’t have good income to bring him to happy vacation place

I will discuss my diet in this post. I am a low-class wage earner; I use most of my earnings on organic whole foods. I am a vegetarian. (Though I prepare meals with meat for others–I do not force my Outlook upon them.)

I have worked hard at incorporating prime sources of nutrition into my everyday life–there’s a story as to why.

When it comes to food, I try not to consume rock minerals, which are often found in supplements and processed funk. My mineral intake is from (100 percent whole) plant, dairy and grain and bean sources; exactly what the body utilizes.

With the exception of some junk food–which I aim to replace with organic homemade snacks, all nutrients are bioavalable, are 100 percent organic whole foods/supplements (Garden of Life), which are not GMOs or synthetic.

For remarkable all day long energy–unless a bum day–I consume bee pollen granules to receive protein, all amino acids and other nutrients. Energy is not a problem I have as I consistently consume non-tampered with bee pollen granules. I am not allergic to them.

For omega 3, 6, 7, and 9, I consume sea Buckhorn juice and other not from concentrate juices. Omega 7 is expensive but in this part of my diet I pair it up.

I use live sprouted flours when cooking, plenty of herbs, oils, butters, creams and spices when preparing meals. J-swiss cheese blends well with many dishes.

Unhulled sesame seeds are a source for an amino acid that is used to quell anxiety (l-tryptophan).

I use extra strength curamin for inflammation and to aid me to fall asleep each night. One month of insomnia can cause me to have visual hallucinations.

In my own garden I work towards offering a splendid topsoil, bringing in volcanic rock dust for calcium and other minerals. I collect tree trunk spiders around my wooded area to bring to my gardens because they deter bugs and pests. I love studying soil and spiders and hope I do right by working towards a beneficial garden for myself, others and the creatures in the area.

Do I think any of what I have posted will contribute to anyone else? Bioavailable nutrients are important and individuals ought to know exactly what they are consuming.


Much of this I do.

This too, so a combination of what is said by Nykia and DarkSith goes very well for both physical and mental health…

I’ll toss in Dandelion, Heal all, or Self heal, Ginkgo, and Red Clover as well.
And for one last note about limiting or cutting out sugars: replacement with aspartame or other poison sugar substitutes is not the way to go…the bad sugar is the refined sugar and you can get good sugars from fruits, honey, molasses, etc.

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This is a true natural anti psychotic:

and of course St Johns Wort.

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hey thanks , i will try and find the indian snake root…i already take the st john wort, i find it works well :smile:
take care :alien:

Depakote comes from valerian root

I just read that Indian snakeroot comes with a warning. Start out very low dose.

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@J_May try sarcosine …thanks…

Hypnosis for schizophrenia.
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Author information
Many people with schizophrenia continue to experience symptoms despite conventional treatments being used. Alternative therapies such as hypnosis, in conjunction with conventional treatments, may be helpful.
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The studies in this field are few, small, poorly reported and outdated. Hypnosis could be helpful for people with schizophrenia. If we are to find this out, better designed, conducted and reported randomised studies are required. This current update has not revealed any new studies in this area since 2003.