So my mom won


She convinced my husband it’s a good idea to try some cholesterol medicine to treat my voices. She’s adamant! I spoke with my father and he’s just as delusional as my mom and suggested I get off my meds for more natural remedies. I’m crying, I’m upset. They made it seem like I’m not trying to get better. They made it seem like they are victims of my condition. Why can’t they just leave me to die already. That’s where they’re driving me to do.


I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. Just try to ignore them and do what your pdoc tells you to do.


Thank you :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


It is hard for me to understand some people’s obsession with so-called “natural remedies.”

  1. Cocaine was once considered a natural remedy. It was discovered growing in nature. It still has bad side effects and withdrawal.

  2. One of the first three successful medical anti-psychotics, reserpine, was found in a natural remedy called Indian Snakeroot. It also has side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Indian Snake Root required a prescription in the UK, the last time I checked.

I guess people think “natural remedies” are so different, so much better, and don’t have side effects and withdrawals because they are just ignorant.


It’s just ignorance matched with vanity. The treatment that works best is antipsychotics. not voodoo spells. Hopefully you’re not being forced to stop meds and go there.


I was really hoping you would have clear minded support from one of them :frowning: do you have any other family members or really close friends to turn to if you need support?


No I don’t except my husband, who’s fed up with their delusions too.


Maybe keep trying to explain to them it’s not how it works but most importantly keep on doing what you know works. Keep taking ur meds! They are obviously misinformed but that doesn’t mean you have to be too.


Thank you @TheStrange


Can you let your pdoc and therapist know what is going on with your parents? They may be able to get a social worker involved to ensure that your well-being and your rights are protected.

You might also try contacting the local NAMI chapter in your area and see if they have someone who could help educate your parents regarding schizophrenia.


I could try that. Yes. Illy look up their number.


Hey man, this is serious. You need your doctor to talk to your parents and make them face reality. It’s not their fault that they don’t understand or know enough about schizophrenia but someone has to inform them of the realities of your disease. If they keep doing what they are doing they could seriously screw you up mentally and even physically. They could screw you up so bad that it could affect you for a long period of time. There’s even a possibility that they could screw you up permanently They HAVE to talk to anyone who could make them understand that you have a real medical disease that needs to be treated with medication just like the other millions of people with this disease get treated. What does your doctor think about all this? Can’t he meet with your parents and intervene on your behalf? Like I said before, your parents are probably decent people (as you are) but they are just uninformed about schizophrenia. Do they not trust doctors or believe what doctors tell them?


I’m sorry about your parents @Cici2, but at least your husband is understanding.

Continue working with your doctor and take the meds.


Thanks @77nick77 and @wave I’ll tell my pdoc about it Tuesday.