My younger sister is suicidal and alcoholic

She is abusive up to the limits, and is terrified of her upcoming major biopsy, at 7pm on Christmas Eve which is when my family celebrate Christmas she talked about drowning herself if its cancer self harmed drastically lately, she showed me and it was shocking
I just ate a whole chocolate bar… My eating is out of control
And my self destruct button, which I haven’t touched for years is flashing

Major reminders of our middle sister, who was schizophrenic addict who died after yrs of hell 13 years ago

Your sister needs your help. Give her what you can. I know it is hard when someone is abusive, but I think the best way to deal with that is to try to help her. At least that way you won’t have bitter memories when you look back on these years.


so sorry to hear this sounds like you’ve all been through a rough timestay strong and eating chocolate is good for depression they’ve done studies! LOL

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Well she has a legitimate fear. I would be scared to death too. I got tested for HIV in 1987 after sharing a needle with a bisexual ex-con heroin addict and his bisexual hooker girlfriend who was also a heroin addict. I tested negative but the two week wait for results made me sick with fear. My sisters have helped me through the years but they had to overlook some things about me which they did superbly. I will say here that suffering teaches us life lessons but it doesn’t make us saints by a long shot. A crisis is when families need to pull together and forgive and forget petty (or not so petty) faults and behaviors and differences and make it clear you are there for each other. With support and love. I don’t know what else to say. Do something to diffuse the situation, make it clear you will do almost anything to help her but mention that it would help EVERYBODY if she didn’t abuse people and instead , she should cooperate.


mrs.sith survived cancer and so did her sister…recently…it is not a death sentence.
alot of people survive.
sorry you are hurting.
sorry for the loss of your other sister.
be kind to yourself.
take care :alien:

one special bunny hug :rabbit: for you.


*Hi @CloudDog~~~
I`m sorry to hear about losing your other sister. I have 2 sisters-I can imagine a little…
Wonder why they would schedule this test on Xmas eve? *
It may only be fatty deposits or calcium.
Chocolate? Are you kidding? The answer to everything!! ;0


Its important that she disclose how much alcohol she drinks to the anesthesiologist as it could put her at risk, life threatening. Make sure she doesn’t lie or dumb down how much she drinks, as alcoholics seem to do. Also, alcoholics are usually malnourished which will slow down the healing process after the biopsy. Encourage her to eat healthy, lots of protein and drink water.


Thanks so much for replying all
Very comforting

I have alcoholism and schizophrenia, both in decades of remission.

In the 1980’s I went to 250 OA Meetings. I was sugar free for that entire decade. Currently, I will eat chocolate sometimes.

I’ve just given up smoking in July after many years of heavy smoking.

I went to ACOA for years We rotated the three topics week after week: Food, Sex, and Money. (Well, that’s an exaggeration for effect!)

I don’t want to talk about gambling.

Good wishes,


Hi Jayster
Well done getting your head around all those addictions, and its great about your long period of stability
I’m 8 yrs out of hospital 8 yrs off cigarettes
4 years off Valium 2 years off self injury recently stopped overspending (still bailed out by mum but its stuck how out of order I was)
I’ve had long periods away from drugs and alcohol
My sister hasn’t given up anything yet
I need those 250 oa meetings

Dear @CloudDog,

     Thanks for sharing.  You have some milestones, then!

     Well,  when someone who I really care about really needs a meeting and won't go, often I take myself to one.   Because that's something I can do something about.