Anyone been on a detox in an acute psych clinic? help?

Hi, my sister has been vomiting for the last 5 hours, but mum just called off the ambulance i phoned for my sister.

my sister is 36 and lives with my mum for the last 14 months

my sister has 30 - 40 deep cuts on her thigh from a recent suicide attempt she is chronically and very acutely suicidal,

she’s alcoholic

she said the other day that she thought she might need to go in somewhere but would talk about it tomorrow

she said the same today (yesterday now, it’s 01.23)

I don’t know what to say to her i emailed her an email that she would only be able to read if she can grasp a concept, but she is highly dyslexic, probably drunk etc

what do i do? what do i say to her tomorrow?

just read that 25% of alcoholics kill themselves

and that people who talk about it and attempt are much more likely to die from suicide

I almost can’t cope with this.

She is calling the doc in the morning she said

she changed her mind last time
yesterday she seemed calm and better, which is when they have made a decision or something?

or maybe just had a calm moment. - i don’t know

Maybe there are worse things than sz. Don’t give up on her. Be a friend. Maybe she needs more quality human interaction in her life. It makes me sad to read about this and wish I could help more. Good luck clouddog.


She needs your support, but you also might have to be firm with her. Try to keep her in care during this dangerous period.

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So is she in a psych unit or at home? When I overdosed and hurt myself I was put in a MICA (Mentally Ill/Chemically Addicted) unit rather than the psych unit. It was similar to the psych unit but most of the patients were detoxing and stayed in bed all day.

I think you must live in a big place.

I heard people say that they were on a detox when i was in there so it must be a few beds for that at any one time in the normal psych ward
Skims, it’s great that you are out the other side of that

I think i need to say that to her. i think it is worse than sz

Hey… I was at detox at psych unit… Check if you can get her detoxed at a regular section of a hospital so she doesnt have to answer a lot of questions about her mental health. Other wise its a really good idea to get detox because withdrawal can be really dangerous.

It definitely sounds worse I’ve never heard that statistic about alcoholism and suicide.

Looking back on my time there, I can say it wasn’t so bad. Regular meals (which is a big deal with alcoholism because they are often malnourished), safety, being monitored every 15 minutes, aa meetings, groups. Sure the people weren’t very friendly and the unit was very quiet as everyone was usually sleeping it off, which made it painfully boring for those of us awake. There were a couple of disruptive outbursts by detoxing patients but I remember them being calmed down and led back to bed. No unnecessary restraints needed or meds needed to subdue them, like I’ve seen in other psych wards.