Have you watched a family member die of alcoholism?

my sister is basically dying

Yes, and until a few years ago I was on the same path.

It’s painful. You wish you could help them, but sometimes you cant

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I’m happy that you are recovering - that’s good to hear. Congrats ODAAT

she talks to herself, believes past lives, gets severe DT’s, leaves with no word and gets lost in the wilderness, is aggressive controlling of my mum
She has been delusional for 6 years - Isolating completely in a darkened room

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there is no end to the hell she is causing and it’s not even her fault

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She has been painting her room with pink and blue abstracts, takes all the lightbulbs out, because they are too bright
all the lucid times have rapidly been disappearing she has been on a very steep decline since about March

Does she seek treatment?

I’m really sorry to hear that @Toshiko. No, i’ve never watched someone from my own family die of alcholism, but i’m a nurse and have seen someone i’ve looked after die from it. It isn’t pretty, as i’m sure you’re aware. I have members of my family that are alcoholics, but they don’t appear to be at the level your sister is at. Has she sought treatment?

@Toshiko, your sister is probably psychotic and is self medicating herself by alcohol,
The only way to save her is putting her under treatment by force, maybe an injection of flupentixol or anything else,
Don’t abandon her,

My family made me take meds and I was very angry with them but now I’m thankful that they did that,

Loss of a sister is painful, save her anyway,

her psychosis is late stage alcoholism. We have watched it develop over the past 28 years

If there were a way to convince the police or the pysch services or her probation officer then possibly she could be helped.
Because of her relationship with Alcohol no one wants to know.

They walk away saying ‘i wish i could help’ or ‘it is her right to kill herself, it’s not a crime’
with dual diagnosis no one ever wants to know if it is alcohol or drugs there is no point if they are not wanting to be in recovery

You have said this not knowing that my mother has struggled with her living in a 1 bed flat for 6 years with constant care
and my phonecalls and reviews she has had by psych and police services,
We have told them she plans to kill herself
they do nothing no help
it was a miracle i survived the system here

I am meds compliant
i was saved similarly to what you describe
this is why i have tried to get her to take meds
my sister won’t take them
You are not here and a daily witness to this and you do not see the last 6 years in any perspective
she has - since about 3 months ago - become end stage alcoholic

You don’t know how hope disappears sometime

My friend is only 33 i think but man he’s a really bad alcoholic especially because he mixes it with his clozapine and abilify. He also wants to use any drug that he can. Ambien?? He snorted a whole script in one night. I’m really worried but there’s little I can do.

He’s also pretty overweight and he talked about someone seemed fine then died a few days later and he was shocked. And I just think that could happen to him like geez he puts so much stuff in his body and stuff and it’s just frustrating. I’m sorry.

There’s really nothing I can do. I can cut him off?? But then he’d take it really personally and just start drinking more. I know him.

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my sister has taken anti depressants for a few months a long time ago.
Thanks for sort of acknowledging that they do not help.
she is not going to be cut off. Mum is watching and loving and providing and being absolutely abused (her choice) by my sister.
I have been a witness to it and have tried to help
there is nothing i can do

She uses a lot of weed and does take other stuff sometimes still… The drink has taken over in the main

I didn’t intend to condemn you, I just wanted to show you the way, not knowing you have already know it and walked along it,
Forgive me,

Other than what I said, what can I do except prayers,

Can’t you see a judge to put an order on her? To administer her injections forcefully,

I know what a mess this can be, I which show myself as an logical and sober man have had 4 times of suicide, its because of god that I’m alive yet,

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thank you

i have to get back to you later
no time just now


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I had an uncle who died of alcoholism, but I didn’t see him much. I’m an alcoholic myself - two and a half years sober.

Yes. A grandfather. I have also lost many friends over the years, not all AA members make it. Some who did sober up still died early as a result of the strain they placed on themselves while drinking.

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My wife nearly drank herself to death. She is still an alcoholic and drinking but is doing better.

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My useless father who I gave up on 10 years ago !!

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