My Sister Just Went to the Liquor Store

My sister has a problem with being sober. She recently overdosed and almost died.
She just went to the liquor store to get vodka. She’s been sober for about a week now, and I can’t stop her.
Last time she was drunk it was really bad. She’s just a hard person to be around when she’s intoxicated in any way. She gets really crazy and she’s hard to talk to and she can be really mean, too.
I don’t know what to do.
Last the she was drunk she went and shot up someone’s house with her slingshot, and broke a bunch of windows. When the cops came she assaulted them and was banned from town.
I’m actually really scared.

Look for ways you can get your sister to go to AA. Wait until she is hung over and has the shakes. She might be receptive then. The best thing would be to get her into drug and alcohol treatment, is you can manage that.

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She’s on a waiting list for rehab right now.
She’s already very drunk and quite angry and talking about beating up toddlers, taking mean about our Mother, and about burning the house down.

Or do like they suggest in AA’s text (“The Big Book”) and have a recovering alcoholic with substantial clean time and lots of experience in AA to come and talk to her. The founders of AA quickly learned when AA was first born that no one can reach or understand a practicing alcoholic like another alcoholic can.

Often a recovering alcoholic can get a practicing alcoholic to trust them and listen to them when the alcoholic doesn’t trust anyone else. This is because the recovering alcoholic has “been there” himself and speaks from experience. He was in the alcoholics shoes himself once and then someone helped him and he is just passing down the tradition and trying to help the alcoholic like another alcoholic once helped him.

AA is great, I can’t say enough good things about it. I was never an alcoholic but I smoked crack for four years in the late eighties and I actually got clean in AA. Months later I found CA, and NA. I’ve been clean since 1990, I’ve attended over a thousand AA, CA, and NA meetings but I haven’t been to a meeting in years. Anyway, I would suggest going to a few AA meetings yourself. You will see what it’s like and I would bet good money that you will learn something about alcoholism.


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