My health over my sister's?

I’m Schizophrenic - stable 7 yrs - comparatitively - 39, very severely ill 7 yrs ago for 3 yrs, before that unwell on and off for 14 yrs

My sister is alcoholic, depressed and psychotic.

I have asperger’s and have a stable marriage, and i’ve had my mum as my main social life… now my sister has kind of moved away from London and taken over.

Her main hope is opening a restaurant with someone she met in detox, while he has stayed off alcohol and she hasn’t… putting him at risk if he has anything to do with her - but tell my mum or sister that!!!

I don’t know what the hell to do. I’m not really good with this amount of stress. My mum seems to be fine with it - spending 16 yrs my carer and 15 yrs another sister’s carer who died after 14 yrs of consistent psychosis 12 yrs ago

fine with it = i don’t know how she does it
I really feel like now i have my husband i should let my mum go and let her get on with trying to help my little sister.

My mum has said that she is not going to let her come in and ruin what me and my mum have with a good life and friendship and fun and a real chance at happiness.

No services are helping they have said she is not psychotic today, when she clearly has been for 2 months consistently

I feel like moving away to give them the chance of sorting it out between them - but i have a house and a husband and if i even suggest this to my mum she will feel she has to choose.

if i say anything like that it is like saying to my mum - look - choose

I remember your post from January and reread it. So she went through detox but is still drinking. I’m sorry to hear that. Try not to take on the responsibility of your sister’s friends sobriety. He is responsible for his own choices. Your mom sounds like a strong accepting woman. Trust that she will do what she can to continue her relationship with you while continuing to have a relationship with your sister. Unfortunately there is not to much that you can do if your sister does not want to accept that she has a drinking problem. For now just center on your own happy stable life with your family and your mom. Try not to let what is happening with your sister interfere with that.

Thanks BarbieBF
Thanks for your words - i was thinking yesterday how to get myself out of the way - just go on constant retreats or smth - i don’t feel quite so bad now. I feel a bit hopeless still though. Yes - it’s up to her.


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I am somewhat lost…
I like to say.
Your sister are smarter than you.
We are well known for lack of attention.
How can we dare advice to normal people?
They simply ignore you.

Anyway your post make me smart.

I haven’t found that to be the case. In fact just the opposite. It takes me a bit longer to come up with an idea that hasn’t already been tried, but I’ve never been flat out ignored.