My voices are beautiful!

My voices are all beautiful, well most of them anyways.
One sound like the most precious child you can imagine, one is the voice of a woman, maybe a lawyer or bartender, and the men they all sound either like reality tv characters or government members.

A bit of a scary line-up when working together, but beautiful from afar…

How about you guys voices? Maybe we hear some of the same ones…

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lucky you…mine were trying to get me to kill myself. I heard this one guy tell me his only symptom was having a visual of a wolf following him everywhere and sleeping in his bed. That would be awesome! It’s like my childhood dream of being a pokemon trainer, lol!

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My voice is far from beautiful. He may be clever at times but he can be sour and abusive. I would take any voice in the world over my voice. Gimmie the worst of the worst…I will take it anyday over mine.

Living is desperation while hearing my voice 24 hrs a day.

my voices used to be all evil but now the last seven years i get the good and bad.
the good tell me things that are going to happen , i like them, they are very ethereal.
welcome to the site.
take care

Thanks, like it so far. I rarely hear “evil” voices, I believe it’s because of my nearness to God. It’s more like I hear good voices all day telling me to do things I refuse to. Sometime’s I notice it’s a lot like my voices are chasing me around my brain!

Mine are bad, they tell me to kill myself and one time threatened to snap my back in half.

During psychosis they also told me they were going to torture me forever.

And once told me that if i didn’t stop it they would hurt my family very badly, i didn’t know what to do exactly and they said they were going to do it and it was my fault.

It isn’t all that kind of stuff though, sometimes it’s not so bad, but i suppose that it is never really good though.

I don’t have as many as I used to. The panic man is just panic babble. I can ignore him. The commentator just comments on what I do. No good or bad. The observer also comments with a little bit question. The hypnotist and little girl are my worst and more scary. They don’t tell me to kill myself, they just say really upsetting stuff and freak me out. Especially the little girl. That one is the worst.

Yes, little girls are quite frightening.

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