My today's exercise routine

In the morning 500 exercise movements, 2-3 kilometer walk
During the day over 25 kilometers bicycling
In the evening 500-1000 exercise movements, 2-3 kilometer walk

I am an exercise freak … :smile:


Glad to know that…!!!

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I like outdoors, exercising is very good for both body and mind … fresh air, peaceful nature trails, birds singing … and as summer comes closer the days are getting longer and I may add more to this routine … this exercising requires motivation, many people who were in the same exercise group organized By my psych unit have not lost any weight, they did not continue exercising … but I love now exercising …


exercise is good for health. so it’s good you exercise, bud.

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@mjseu I also love excercising, I exercise every day quite a lot.
It is sometimes difficult, for example today strength training took me perhaps 2 hours and I had to fight off thoughts
to stop in the middle. It was difficult as I felt tired after a night with little sleep.
But in the evening I had a pleasant surprise as I was able to run excellent, very quickly and without stopping to blow
my nose or rest.


What movements do you do?