My sister's anorexia seems to be back

I have tried countless times though
The emergency people won’t take her, not acute enough
and those times things were pretty acute

The day to day and meds people are aware but there is the fact that she doesn’t want help or to change… she doesn’t want company most of the time.

She doesn’t want therapy and won’t go to a doctor

All they do is take her to a hotel to cool off
or meet once or twice till she has decided forever that she doesn’t want help
or inject her with something to wake her up

At no point is she willing to have treatment yet

I’d be more concerned about your mother than your sister at this point.
Elder abuse shouldn’t be taken lightly, your mom needs to be protected. If your sister doesn’t want to help herself that’s fine, but she cannot be allowed to abuse your mother.
She has to stop.

You are in a tough position, have to agree with others though you have to do what ever it takes to protect your mother, does not matter if your sister likes it or not.

I wish you luck and hope you can find a answer