My sister’s leaving her abusive husband again

She’s been with the guy for 20 years. She’s afraid to divorce him bc she thinks it’s against biblical law as she’s a Christian.

She’s been leaving the guy like once or twice a year for idk how long

I keep telling her that I have no doubt he’s cheated on her. (Cheating is the only allowance for divorce in the Bible)


Staying with someone who hits you because bible is a dangerous and destructive thing. Why can’t beliefs just be used to lift yourself up, stay optimistic, and search for a higher truth? Why do they need to control you and tell you what to do? This is why I don’t practice religion.

If my mom didn’t finally divorce my stepdad after 15 years, I would have had to cut her out of my life. Nobody should stay with someone abusive, for any reason whatsoever.

EDIT: I feel like I came off mean or insulting with this post, I really didn’t mean to. I just grew up amidst a great example of a couple that should have divorced as soon as possible. Their fights were epic, and he was so angry all the time. I hid in my room every time they fought, which was probably a few hundred times in total. My favorite movie at the time was Mrs. Doubtfire, I liked how the movie handled divorce.

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Yeah. I wish my ex husband would divorce his wife. She’s just a mean woman.

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Maybe she should ask her pastor for guidance. Also, she should get witnesses of the abuse and documentation.

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Get this. She doesn’t have a pastor. I don’t think her husband lets her go to church. She drove this young man to church once ( I think she could have been his mother) and her husband gave her what for.

She needs to get rid of the bum. He’s bad news.

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Have you dealt with this b4? Like if she goes to see her friend who she’s been friends with since junior high he calls her every 5 minutes to make sure she’s not with a guy. Maybe her friend could write that down. Idk

No, I haven’t dealt with this before, but my experience with the legal system makes me think she needs to get a lot of direct evidence about what she is going through.

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Well hopefully she leaves him for good this time. I don’t think she’s compiled any evidence.

She needs to, because if you can’t provide evidence in the legal system their hands are tied, and they can’t offer a legal remedy.

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She’ll be here tomorrow. My dad is going to get her in the morning. My niece (her daughter ) is also studying to be a paralegal and after that she’s going to study to be a lawyer so I’m sure that’s a help.

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Religion is so awesome. Really doing her some favors there.

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Yeah Christianity discourages divorce, but it is not frowned upon if it’s a last resort. Abuse would definitely fall under that last resort part. I dont know of a single Christian group, except maybe some extremist sects, who would say that someone has to stay with an abuser.

My grandma was divorced three or four times. She was a devout Christian, but had a lot of bad luck with men.

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Haha. I know ALL about bad luck with men.

I also know that the Bible says that if a man looks at a woman with lust he commits adultery in his heart. And I know he’s at least done that. So boom Cali he’s cheated on you. You can divorce him now.

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The thing about Christianity is, at risk of being flagged (I know we arent supposed to talk about it here), no sin is too great to be forgiven. Catholicism teaches one is, but it definitely isnt divorce.

Even if leaving an abusive husband was a sin, which it’s not, I would think if she was repentant then she would be forgiven. At least that’s one of the main foundations of Christianity.

I’m sorry for talking about it here, but I hate it when people put themselves through hell and torment because they are afraid of being punished because of their religion.

If she is dead set on it being a sin, then try to push the whole repentance line. No one should have to live in abuse because of their religion.

If this is bothering anyone we can talk about it in a PM, I dont want to trigger anyone’s delusions, but I think I have insight as both a Christian and someone who has known a Christian in a similar situation.

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My dad and both told her. “Ok. So don’t divorce him but you don’t have to live with him.” The poor guy was in a car accident years ago and I think he has a brain injury.
@Later_Gator. I told myself in high school I’d not put up with a man putting his hands on me Christian or not

It’s not so much that it’s her religion she just loves God so much that she doesn’t want to hurt Him.

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