My sister is going back to her abusive husband...again

She leaves him every year but always goes back after Xmas. Every year she swears she won’t go back.

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I’m sorry. That’s hard to have to watch. But people have to make their own decisions.


When I talked to her on the phone she was saying she only believed in divorce bc of adultery. I said that he probably has cheated on her if he leaves her at home and is out all hours of the night every night.

She’s been with the dude for 20 years.

My sister is not in a healthy relationship either. I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and she is not talking to me anymore about it. I am concerned/worried about her but I have enough problems myself. I try to filter her marital drama out of my mind. So we aren’t close anymore which is sad. I hope your sister stays out of harms way @Loke.

It is a vicious cycle. I hope they find the strength to break it. :hamster::hamster::hamster:

Domestic violence only progresses and gets worse.

My brothers best friend just killed his wife a few months ago. This is a true story. He beat her over the course of a few days and she ended up dying.

Damn thats hectic :frowning:

Where does she go when she leaves him? Where does he go? How long do they separate for? She is seeking to meet needs. She is seeking to meet needs when she goes, and she is seeking to meet needs when she comes back. Who’s needs is she meeting? Hers? His? The kids? Maybe you can help her recognize the needs, assess their legitimacy, and meet them in better ways.

My mom did the same thing. And she was the breadwinner. I hated her for it, but it’s been water under the bridge for years now.

Check out a movie called “This Boy’s Life.” That’s my stepdad (when I was growing up) in that movie, played by DeNiro, to a T.

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