My daughter left her husband

Yesterday she showed up here with a man and hung out for a bit. He seemed nice but I could tell there was chemistry between them and I thought uh oh this can’t be good. Then at one point she said her husband was mad at her for having a male friend and was accusing her of cheating but she doesn’t cheat. So today she shows up crying asking us to give her husband the storage key and without explanation leaves. After the husband is done with the key I call her to let her know and she tells me she’s left him and the kids because she doesn’t have anything left to give them anymore. The assumption is that she’s left him for this other guy but that’s not 100% sure. I’m stressing big time.

I know you can’t help but stress because she’s your daughter,

But there is absolutely nothing you can do about her screwing up her life.

I wish I had some good advice or coping skills for you,

However, the reality is,

It just sucks.

I’m sorry you’re going through this.


Thanks @anon54386108


Apologies for being rude and blunt

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Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Maybe they’ll get back together ?

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It’s hard to watch one’s kids make huge mistakes in life. I’m so sorry

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I would say don’t stress too much, in this day and age married people cheating on each other is very common. Just be patient and supportive.

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Nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors. Her husband could be a behind-the-scenes letch which is why she is leaving.

Just sayin…


My father chased another woman. Your daughter needs a ■■■■■ slap in the face.

Tell her you’re ashamed of her, and that if she wants any possibility of an adult relationship with her children she needs to grow the ■■■■ up now.

Sure its just off a hunch but that’s not some BS feeling that’s probable cause.

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I feel u u have a husband and kids u mess it up for another man who don’t give two ■■■■■ about anything

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