My psychiatrist gave up

Today was my first day at my job. After 1 hour, I was feeling totally exhausted and I was having a lot of symptoms.

I saw my psychiatrist at the end of the day. She told me that I am waiting for a miraculous pill and that she will not do any change in my medication anymore.

I don’t understand why she told me that. It is clear and obvious that in 2013, I have been miraculously cured by the antipsychotic and that it allowed me to get back my professional life. My psychiatrist used to agree with me about that. Recently she changed her mind and I can’t expect any help from her now despite I’m trying to get out of a breakdown and to save my job.

My psychiatrist told me that I just have to manage my stress and anxiety.


:astonished: Sorry to hear that.

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I am sorry :confused:

Can you do meditation or exercise? Will you lose your job? Maybe you can work part time for now?

Did you go on your trip?


Oh my lord I really don’t like your psychiatrist. What professional tells someone with mental illness that they just need to suck it up and deal with symptoms?! That’s ridiculous!! She should be constantly trying new plans to help you. I really think you should fight to find some way to change pdocs, there must be some way like if you make a complaint or something.


You’re probably not going to get any more help from this psychiatrist. Just do what you think is best at this point? Are you thinking about switching to a easier job or switching psychiatrists somehow? Only you can decide what to do next.

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@mermaid1 I think there is no way I could do my job in my current condition. So I really don’t know what I am going to do. I went to my trip and it was all right but making an intellectual work triggers my symptoms and I feel really bad because of that.

@Anna @anon62973308 It’s not possible for me here in the province of Québec to change my psychiatrist because the health system is public and it doesn’t allow to do that.

My appointment with my psychiatrist yesterday was useless. She talked to me as if she was a psychologist and she didn’t believe me when I said that I couldn’t work because of the breakdown and the symptoms. My next appointment is only by the end of October and it could be too late then.

Its a tough thing this @Anubis. I went trough the same thing in the past. Its my fault too in a way but one good doc dumbed me at the end. Dont give up, there is always hope.


what do u mean dumbed?

Like take your bad thoughts away?

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It’s kind of hard to work if your brain is doing cartwheels inside your head. Keep working on your pdoc. Try to get her to see things your way. One time I got out and hitch hiked seven miles to try out an over the counter med. that I thought would help me.

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When my breakdown began 1 month ago, my psychiatrist told me that it was her fault, that I had a breakdown because I was on a too low dosage of antipsychotic and so it didn’t protect when I had a stress.

In the following weeks, she made me change the antipsychotic and she tried many dosage which however was too low (15 mg of Saphris, 7.5 mg of Zyprexa).

Then she suddenly changed her mind. She told me that what helped me is not the antipsychotic and it seems she doesn’t want to do anything with the medication now.

I need help from a psychiatrist by an appropriate medication.

You’re the one who has to endure your ailment. Be assertive. Let her know how hard it is to live with your symptoms.

that is ridiculous. i had a doctor give up on me and tried to just send me to a different one. i got tired of seeing her anyway she was only interested in keeping me drugged made no changes to my meds to try and make me better. hated the therapist too. she asked over and over again to tell her how that made me feel. got very annoying

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Maybe she is getting confused herself as to which of your symptoms are helped or not and by which medicine?

If i read your post right, you had 3 or 4 different Rx in a years time??

If true, this means you were switched about once every 90 days. I think she is finding it hard to keep up with symptoms of tapering off one and starting another?

If you can stay on this curremt one for 6 months total then maybe you can ask again later about switching.

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This was ridiculous from your pdoc. If you’re having symptoms, you cannot work properly.
We need to be positive, but also realists. Pills work greatly if you have a chemical unbalance. If I was trapped in the mindset that my social withdrawal was all my fault, I never would have found about memantine, which made a “miracle” for me by modulating glutamate.

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This is exactly what I am thinking. This is what I asked to my psychiatrist : How could I possibly work with my symptoms?! She answered me by asking me a question. She asked me why do I think that I can’t work with my symptoms. Then she said that my symptoms were not so much a big deal and that she doesn’t understand why I would be unable to work because of them.

How does my psychiatrist could help me if she doesn’t take me seriously?!

There is always a psychotropic test.
Even if psychiatrist hate to leave fate to such matters, you could always prove that there is a knowledge in the testing.

Your psychiatrist shouldnt be giving up @anubis.
Maybe its time for another doctor?

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Like I already said, it’s impossible here with the public health system of the province of Québec to change my psychiatrist. There’s no way to do that. I can’t go to a clinic to see another psychiatrist. If I go see a doctor to ask to see another psychiatrist, the doctor will see in my public medical record that I already have a psychiatrist. And then the doctor will certainly refuse to refer me to another psychiatrist because changing specialist when you already have one is forbidden here.

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I understand @anubis

My psychiatrist told me that I recovered in 2013 because I forced myself to live my life normally despite of the symptoms and the sickness. She said that it is the same actually, that I must force myself to go at work despite of the symptoms and tiredness, to don’t mind about them.

It think this is really ridiculous. If you are sick, how could you live as if you were not?!

Also, she is wrong because in 2013, I never forced myself in anyway! I remember very well that I waited for the antipsychotic to remove the symptoms and for my condition to get better before doing any action.

Everything my psychiatrist said in the last 2 appointments is totally ridiculous and I can’t trust her anymore. Above that, she said that she won’t change the medication anymore. So she is totally useless. The problems is that I’m stuck with her because of the health system.

What will happen with my job and my life if I have not a psychiatrist who is trying to find the right medication for me?! :frowning: