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Today im going to discuss with my psychologist and pdoc wether or not i can stop taking my meds. I dont want to receive Xeplion anymore because it makes me lazy, anhedonic, gluttonous and unmotivated to do anything. So yeah i hope it goes well but as far as our ‘deal’ was concerned i was to take it for a year, which i did, and then could try out to live without any medication thereafter.

Anyone of you in a similar situation? Anyone wants to quit his meds but cant? Tell me your story.

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I would like to reduce my meds but the symptoms I get are pretty unbearable…
Hoping I can reduce when I’m more stable.

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Yeah so the discussion went really well :sunglasses: and they are agreeing with me that the meds arent necessary as of now. So im going to be med free from now on, its a bitch that xeplion takes like 8 months to clear from the body. so im still going to be a zombie for half a year. still better than constantly being medicated though.

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Good luck friend. I bet they’ll just want to lower or change med. But I wish for the best for you.

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They (my doc and psychologist) actually agreed to stop them altogether because they think i dont need them anymore.

What’s your diagnosis? The meds make me lazy and unmotivated too. I got off of them before and almost got job training/work but then became extremely paranoid.

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No idea man my doctor never told me directly in the face “you have schizophrenia” but they did talk about the symptoms one experiences when he has schizophrenia and that these symptoms were similar to the same i had.



I am on that same medication that you are on. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and I mentioned getting off the medicine too. The doc told me he couldn’t let me get off the shot, because the head doctor had to authorize it, and she was away in Spain. He told me to just take one more shot and when the main doctor comes back, he’ll mention that I was looking to get off the medicine to her, and my case manager will report back to me whether the big doc said yes or no. I am hoping she will let me, because I feel the same way as you do while on Xeplion.

Hope it all goes well for you. Take care!

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I am dying to get of of ALL Antipsychotics and maybe switching over to a good Mood Stabilizer like Tegretol.

The problem is that my pdoc is using Risperdal as a Mood Stabilizer - Just too many serious side effects!

I am going to have a serious discussion with her about getting off of all antipsychotics safely - I am really tired of this ■■■■!

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good luck w/ that wave.

Yeah Ill need it - she will most likely shoot it down - again.

Do you have bipolar or something?

Yes I do…

I’ve experienced hypomania before. Sometimes I wonder if I have bipolar too. I never experienced mania per se. But I’ve had bouts of energy and creativity with hypomania. I suffer mainly from depression. I honestly don’t know my subtype of schizo-affective disorder. I’ve heard bipolar and just depressive. They don’t know and I don’t know.

Maybe you have SZA Bipolar subtype - this was my last diagnosis

My dad is trying to come with me to my next appointment. I find it hard to express myself on my own. My psychiatrist thought I have depression and I definitely don’t but refused to believe I have ADHD even tho diagnosed with ADHD. He put me on Zoloft even after I said I react badly to anti depressants. I agreed so he would give me the vyvanse. I’m ok off Abilify for awhile but I’m still taking it at night. Good luck with your choice you may be lucky a and need something less potent.

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You & danddolo have some amazing doctors, then. My doctor refuses to acknowledge remissions or recoveries from SZ and equally refused to acknowledge that patients can live untreated. Where do you guys live to get such preferential treatment?

He always kept telling me that you can only get worse while off meds, as demonstrated by what I know to be anecdotal case studies. He wouldn’t even consider lowering the dose.

The phuarking anecdotes have way too much authority over me. They don’t believe that I know how my mind & body feel off of pharmaceuticals - 10x better! :rage:

i live in germany. but yeah dont be so dedicated to having your meds removed some meds can really do wonders and have you do better off then without them. some meds even give you a better social function and reduce anxiety. it all depends on your body really some bodies go through alot of side effects while other experience minimal side effects and receive all the positive stuff from the medicine. but if you feel like being better without them all power to you man talk to you doc and give him all the best arguments why you should go about your life without being constantly on drugs.

He won’t change 'em. Period. End story. Wouldn’t even consider lowering my dose to 300mg until at least two years or so of time has elapsed.

I try and stay an optimist about it. In real life, very few people can deal with my set of strengths & permanent confidence. 5’10", 224 lbs. Mostly muscle. I think my doc is mostly intimidated by me and doesn’t like the fact that my early negative symptoms involved a lot of shouting & punching objects.

In the U.S., mental health treatment has got a long ways to go. So, by my staying on these meds, it forces society to continue fueling the economy of R&D towards SZ. So, in short, there is some humanistic value to staying on pharmaceuticals.

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