Very suprised by what my psychiatrist just said to me

What my psychiatrist just said to me is really weird. She told me that it is not true that the antipsychotic has helped me in the past. She said that I have recovered in 2013 because I forced myself to do actions despite I was having symptoms.

I don’t agree at all. I remember very well that all my symptoms, which I was having since 12 years, completely disappeared in just some days after beginning to take the antipsychotic.

My psychiatrist told me that I have no reason to not being able to work in October 10. She said that I should force myself to continue working even if I have a lot of symptoms and if I am feeling weak and exhausted.

What do you think about that? Should I force myself to work even if I feel I can’t work anymore. I feel this is self-destructive. And I am wondering why I am taking an antipsychotic if it is not what is helping me as the psychiatrist said.


You are lucky you have a job and can work. Many of us here on this forum don’t have jobs.

Are you currently taking anti-psychotics? Well, you can agree or disagree with your psychiatrist. What did she say when you said that your medication does help?


This is really tough call. when you say work on oct 10, does that mean you got a job???

maybe you could do a trial run if you think you are not up to it? Think about what activities you will do at the job. Try to simulate them at home. That might give you an idea of what you can do?

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She probably told you what you needed to hear “There is a difference between knowing the path & walking the path.”


Well, medication alone does not always equate to recovery, maybe your psychiatrist was suggesting that it is ultimately up to you. However medications definitely do help with symptoms despite the side effects. Often medication and therapy is recommended for schizophrenia.


@macy I start a new job on October 10.I am actually doing some work at home and i have a lot difficulties doing it without feeling exhausted.

@exhile She said about the medication that it only helps for anxiety, not for my somatic symptoms.

I think that she did the same thing as all doctors here do when they can’t solve the problem of the patient : they suggest it is all the fault of the patient.

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I think you should absolutely try to make yourself work even if you’re not quite feeling up to it. It is better to try and fail than to not try at all.


There could be other reasons for your sudden loss of energy Anubis. Have you done a thorough blood check? And an EKG?


Yes I had many tests and it is all ok until now.

But hey, the psychiatrist said I don’t have any reason to feel sick or to not being able to work. If she said that it must be true!!! :roll_eyes:

I just wanted to answer to @exhile who said I am lucky to have a job. If I have a job despite a mental illness and the medication, it is certainly not because of luck. It is because I have been courageous, persevering and I never gave up. It was really hard to come back in university and to get back my professional life!!!

But I feel very sorry for all of you who don’t have a job.


You don’t have to feel sorry for me hah. It is commendable that you maintain a productive life.

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@anubis You’ve got the right attitude about your employment perspective. I’d say this attitude of yours will overcome the somatic symptoms you are currently having and you’ll be back with your career in no time.

As for us underclass, we can only admire those who can accomplish their employment goals. So for us, underemployed… thank god for disability benefits!!!

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I am really disappointed by my psychiatrist. I think she doesn’t know what to do now and this is why she transferred all the responsibility to me by saying that I just have to work even if I have symptoms and I don’t feel well.

Personally, I think this is absurd. My employer and my colleagues will see very quickly that I am not feeling well, especially if I can’t do the work.

I need help and if I can’t have it, it will all be a failure.

I’ve had to work while sick before. It’s better to go and put in an effort than to not try at all. And by psyching yourself out and already deciding in advance that you can’t do it, you’ll only make your somatic symptoms worse.

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I agree please try. When I was ill earlier this summer there were times I wanted to quit my job because of how much anxiety it was causing me, how depressed I was, etc. I kept at it though because I knew if I didn’t have that job I would be left without activity all day which is a very bad thing because my brain tends to consume itself. Routine activity is very important to maintaining mental health. Very very important.

I would say chances of someone improving who just sits in their house all day with no activities are extremely low.


Of course I will try.

Ok tried to come back at my job last Monday. After just some hours, I was already really exhausted and I had to leave at 11:00.


You’ve been in this situation before so I’m sure you know what the outcome will be if you’re not properly treated. You will go back to your old life and probably not be able to work. Try going to a new psychiatrist and continue to seek treatment. You are still young and have a long way to go. If you get better a job will always be waiting for you but I honestly don’t think you can do the job at hand because you won’t be treated so quickly. You need to start planning for the worst…

I think to a certain extent you have to use some mental toughness to stick with the job as best you can. I never felt bad about putting in a good effort, but if you find you are really incapable of handling it then you need to be aware of that too. I would say to push yourself as hard as you can without going so far to make your MI worse.

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Yeah. I know that I need to be treated with an antipsychotic to be functional.

But the problem is that my psychiatrist doesn’t believe that at all. She just think that I don’t do the efforts. :frowning:️ This is absurd. So because of that, she will not try anymore other medications. There’s no hope for that.

I can’t see another psychiatrist because of our public health system. When you have a psychiatrist, it is not allowed to see another one.

I am very aware of that. I know that I can make my breakdown even worse by pushing myself too hard for example if I go to work while I don’t feel capable of that.

The problem is that my psychiatrist believe that my symptoms are not real, so she thinks there is no problem at all pushing myself really hard.