My problem with "The Matrix" movie

The movie has a mistake in its premise that weighs heavily on its drama. There is such a thing as the “willing acceptance” of fantasy, but this movie is trying to portray itself as having a realistic scenario. The problem with that is that there is no way they could derive large amounts of usable energy from human beings in suspended animation. You would have to use far more energy tending these humanoids than you could ever get from them. In that sense, the premise of The Matrix is totally unworkable. I’m all for movies like “The Lord of the Ring” series because they make no pretext of saying anything pertinent to reality. It is self confessed fantasy. “The Matrix” tries to portray itself as realistic, futuristic drama. I suppose I could drop my objection to this flaw and enjoy the movie as a combination of reality and fantasy. I’m fairly lenient on mistakes in movies. This movie does ask some questions like “what the relationship of humans to machines could be in the future”, and the seeming “progress” towards human manufactured intelligence, and what is the nature of life. The scene where Neo is being plucked from the vast fields of human batteries works well as a metaphor for human birth, a huge difference between machines and humans, but I don’t know if it carries the full weight of its premise well.


Um. You should see the politics in my province.

There is no way with current technology. Assuming AI has invented some sort of unobtanium that makes this possible.

Yes, but there were no Hobbits in The Matrix. That was a plus.


I always thought it was suspect that Wile E Coyote could fall off a dozen cliffs, be shot out of cannon, and have a thousand pound rock land on him, then be plotting the road runners demise on a chalkboard 30 seconds later.

But I am not an expert in physics or any other of areas of expertise in these situations, so I could be wrong.


I thought it was good, especially the original. The others sucked. The first movie was very philosophical and I didn’t get it growing up. I just saw action and kung fu and drama and stuff. Now, I read into things and probably have the simulation theory delusion from schizophrenia. I guess it’s called matrix delusion and is related or stems from Truman Show delusion; not sure why haha.

I was a super rational person before I got sick. It was pretty much night and day and started off as a shock to my system, it was gradual, and hit fast – my psychosis.

Mathematicians and philosophers have thought about this for years. It goes back to China: Am I a butterfly, or am I a butterfly in a dream? Plato’s Cave too. Are we just prisoners in a cave who exist as shadows on the wall?

Then you got Descartes: I think therefore, I am. And others. It’s becoming more and more popular and talked about and mainstream and even accepted. Even religions have formed around it. You know AI, singularity, aliens even, etc.

We probably don’t live in the matrix, but I found it odd and weird that so many people believe in God and what is God and Why and why are so so many (most) people religious. People get mad and angry. I see no difference between that and simulation theory. Somebody is in control, watching, and created us.

I guess it doesn’t make sense and would take more energy to control a human than we think. I relate it to inception and how the physics of the outerworld might be different than ours or the technology might be different. Remember it’s Sci-Fi and a movie. That’s it. It’s made for entertainment. I guess people like myself run with it haha.


Just wait to you find out what it’s an allegory for

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I like the matrix movies

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The first matrix movie was brilliant!

The rest were rubbish.


Dune 1 & 2 are good! have you seen them @everhopeful ? :tv: :goggles:

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I’ve only seen dune 1. I haven’t seen dune2 yet.

But I’m a huge fan of the 1980s Dune movie (I think I’m the only one lol)


I enjoyed the original too, so you are not alone.

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I heard the writers had originally intend that the AI machines were actually using the suspended humans for the computing power of their brains.

But they ended up thinking this might be too hard for theatre audiences to accept so they simplified it to electrical energy


To answer your key question - what if the energy taken from humans is actually some kind of energy from life itself? Or perhaps an energy harvested from people aging? Hence why they need to sustain them. Perhaps our technology IRL has not evolved enough to see such energy. Also perhaps the pod that humans are harvested in contains some kind of technological biological container that sustains humans very effortlessly?

For me only the first Matrix is actually worth watching. The story is entirely self contained and finished within it. The flying scene at the end of the film is clearly Neo demonstrating he has become the master of the domain. The rest for me were just a way to make money and there is a huge drop in quality of the story/plot. Even some of the lore is heavily altered for the worse just to make the story vaguely workable.


The Matrix kind of triggered me a bit
But overall it’s a good movie

I like Keaneu Reeves

He lived in Lebanon for a while like me when I was a baby.

I think he was born there


When the movie was originally written the authors had the people in vats for information storage not energy but they changed it because of the audience not understanding it since it was only 1999.


You are not.



Thanks. That helps.

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