Matrix was just a film or a documentary as Reeves had said?

Trumanomatrix is my obsession :crazy_face:


@anon28145038 what do you think?

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On Thursday it will be on a channel on tv.
Probably i will watch it again

It was just a film @Om_Sadasiva . But it messed up a lot of vulnerable schizophrenics.


But how can a movie have such an impact?

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Because we all want a better life.

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The Wachowskis (who wrote the film) say that it is indeed a documentary, but not one about mental illness. They have said it is an allegory for their experience as transgender women, or the trans experience in general.

As I don’t identify as queer in any way, I can’t confirm or deny that, but when someone claims something is their reality, i believe them.


A documentary of what, though?
I’m sorry, I don’t see how your grandiose delusions being lined up with a movie you saw makes the movie a documentary? Esp since you are aware you’re mentally ill…

Carl Jung had a lot to say for the meta dreams humans make, and how we all connect in that way. Is it possible you’re not the only human ever who thought the reality around them could be subjective?

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Ya i guess youre right. Im crazy.

Everyone is crazy, it’s not even a question of degree.


@Om_Sadasiva A comedy, maybe? All that effort to keep human beings enslaved in the 20th century just to produce duracell batteries?


I take the literal interpretation of things of the film. It’s about control. Maybe it already happened. But I don’t think Zion is there or exists. That part was fantasy as well as the whole 6 times the matrix rebooted itself. For me, it’s been millions of times or millions of different versions, I guess.

I deleted my flagged post. I guess it was too much for this forum. I gotta think better sometimes…Sorry for that. I got some anxiety about it anyways…

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The Matrix, (Original First Film), Was Released Before I Was First Diagnosed. . .

But!, I Already Heard A Voice. Seen A Hallucination. And Was Spoken To By Trees. . .

The Voice Sounded Like Freddy Krueger, While I Was Very Young. Drawing His Claws In Many Different Forms. As A Kid, I Was Fascinated By Nightmare On Elm Street. But!, My Parents Didn’t Seem To Care About Such An Odd Fascination. In Which…, Analyzing Now…, I Am Thankful.

I Needed The Space To Design With A Very Vast Open Field Of Endless Imagination. . .

I Got Older And Seen A Critter Running Down The Hallway As I Was Looking Into The Mirror Getting Ready For School. He Quickly Ran Down The Hallway Into My Room. And When I Say Critter, He Really Was One Of Those Critters From That Alien Film, ‘Critters’. Very Realistic, (Unlike The Quick Shadows I See Out Of The Corner Of My Eye’s Now). But!, I Didn’t Really Care Too Much About The Critter. I Kept Organizing And Jus Prayed He Wouldn’t Eat The Doritos In My Room.

And, As I Mentioned The Trees Conversation. I Am Coming To The Realization That I Have Quite The Relationship With Nature. That Began With That Conversation In The Middle Of The Night At Around The Year 1999. Somewhere Within That Time & Space. It Was Very Fascinating. And Completely Woke Me Up.

Now When It Comes To Films, I Usually Stay Intertwined In Some Strange Way. I Always Make Connections And Dive Into The Deep End Of The Pool Of Wander And Amazement.

The Matrix Is One That Is High Up On The Level Of Importance To My Youthful Days. . .

In The ‘Matrix Reloaded’, There Is A Scene Called, ‘The Architect Scene’. And I Actually Scanned Through It Again, Recently. And Once Again Turned The Tables On Me Psychologically As To Where I Was At The Mercy Of It’s Love Or Hate.

And After I Watched That Scene On YouTube During It’s Ending I Sat There In The Floor On The Carpet Overwhelmed With, ‘DAMN THAT SCENE IS INTENSE’. . .

Good Films!.

Whether Or Not There Is Some Sort Of Pure Connection With Me Personally. Somehow Relating To My Personal Life. Well…, I Still…, And Will…, Never Really Know The Truth To That.

Either Or, It’s A Strangely, Sometimes Exciting And Fun Experience. Unless…, Well…, One Of The Bad Guys In Those Films Start Following You While You’re Taking A Quick Walk Outside.

Documentary For Mee!.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

The Matrix triggers me every time.
Never saw the entire movie from start to finish.

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when you say truman show who do you think is watching us are they spirits of people from another dimension…

Johnnyboy1, you’re okay. We all have those thoughts sometimes. I generally try to keep mine private, because it can trigger some people, OR my “reality” (which i might add is very real to me), is invalidated. Then I feel invalidated.
Which is the mistake there…

Try not to think of the very real feelings you have about your theories as being the things we have trouble with. I don’t think any of us want to invalidate YOU.
YOU are real. YOU are here. YOU are one of us.

It’s just hard for some of us to separate what’s real from what’s not real. But while the ideas might be “false”, or different, your experience isn’t, and your feelings aren’t. Like I said, all of us here think and say some pretty weird things now and then. I know I do.

And I think of you as a member of this community, and you are. This is a safe place for you, I’d hope. Your input is valued, though a few people might find it difficult to relate to it.

This doesn’t mean you’re “crazy” or “bad.” I didn’t feel triggered personally by your post, even though your reality just doesn’t match mine. I hope your thoughts on the subject – whatever they are now – bring you the feeling that the world makes sense to you somehow. That’s all that matters, sometimes.

You matter too.
Shake it off. You are appreciated.

Om, You need to stop welcoming in these delusions ! Dont search for them ! You getting way to caught up in it. Find a hobby man, maybe go fishing or something. Get your focus off this !

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What Does Thus Mean Exactly?.

Like A Tribe?.

Is That How That Whole “normie” Word Became Popular?.

Tribe Against Tribe?.

It’s A Strange Thought In A World Becoming Increasingly Creative And Individualistic.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

Imagine if you made sense for once in your life mate !