My prescriber

Does anyone else have a “prescriber” instead of a psychiatrist?

I hate how I’ll be doing good and she’s like “let’s not talk for another 3 months”:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Of course then things start going to crap and I need to talk to her… pretty sure I don’t have an appointment with her till March… great…

Just got off the phone with the therapist I was seeing before Covid… have an in person appointment with him in 3 weeks. Score!!


I haven’t had a psychiatrist in years. Don’t think they’re necessary and the world would be better for sz if more people were qualified without megaqualifications to prescribe medications. I see a nurse practitioner.

My family dr manages my psychiatric meds.

I don’t have a psychiatrist since a month ago.

i can’t see my pdoc for 6 months cause his agenda is fully booked… so i can just hope things keep going well. He said i can always call him though or my mum can call him when things are not going well. 6 months is a long time and it makes me scared a bit that i don’t see him in that long time.

weeee~ that’s really great!

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Woah, that’s a very long time!!!
Yikes. Hope things keep going well for you

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yea, he prescribed my meds for 6 months worth… send it to the pharmacy. I’m glad i see my pdoc every 2 weeks though for the risperdal consta shot… so if things are going awry a bit i can always talk to her.

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Oh that’s good you got a back up, in case there is anything you need to bring up

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