My partner bought more sarcosine

my partner said she noticed a difference when I take sarcosine and when I don’t. She said I’m easier to motivate. She even puts it in my coffee for me like she did this morning. I know its hard to get me motivated to do anything especially putting this dishes away or doing laundry. She also bought fish oil for me and I forgot what that’s suppose to do.


thats great that your partner is trying to help you like that, sounds like she loves you very much :slight_smile:

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I am also taking sarcosine and fish oil!!

Here’s a livescience article on how fish oil (omega-3’s) can help prevent full blown psychosis in early stage schizophrenics.

Basically, it appears fish oil stimulates brain growth and neuroplasticity. Here’s more about fish oil and prevention/delays in psychosis at this schizophrenia research forum:

Quote: “The researchers found that, for every four people who received the fish oil treatment, one would be spared from developing psychosis over the course of a year.” --from the forum board’s article on Amminger’s research from 2010


thanks @HQuinn for the articles, they were informative. I can’t wait to show my partner them when she gets home.

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I didnt know you could put it in coffee and it would still be effective. I thought it only had to go in water?

I’ve heard of other people on here putting it in drinks other than water. I tried it in water and it’s nasty.

I also started fish oil. Maybe i will order sarcosine again.

did you notice a difference when taking sarcosine? I did after about three weeks.

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I noticed immediately but it’s just a hassle. Im tired of this :ok_hand: I wanna take my pill at night and sleep. I might order the pill form though. Now on fishowl i notice a better focus but i was so sick last week, maybe im just getting better.

I think the pill form is more expensive, that’s why I ordered the powder form. my partner hopes the fish oil helps hold off psychosis

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Wish upon the star :star:

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