Schizoaffective disorder - supplements


At first, I regret posting some stuff that led to my suspension. I’m sorry.

I’m diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and I still have some mood fluctuations. I will have an appointment with my pdoc probably next week in order to see if a mood stabilizer may help me (or just see what my pdoc suggests).

I want also to invest on a good diet and supplements. Omega 3 helped me once and my first pdoc said it’s okay to take it. I don’t think I need sarcosine because my negative and cognitive symptoms are okay.

But I still have mood fluctuations. Do you guys know supplements that can help me? Or do you know good books about it.

Thank you in advance!


I am schizophrenic but I have never found any supplements that help. Sarcosine didn’t do anything for me and some of the others made me worse. My wife yelled at me for even trying them.

You could ask your doctor. I do take fish oil and a multivitamin though but they don’t do anything for schizophrenia.


Thank you! Fish oil helped me a lot once (at least I was feeling great when I took fish oil consistently). I’ll give it a try again.

I’ll ask my doctor, but usually I come with researches and suggestions to him. He’ll do his research as well and tell me if it’s okay to give it a try.


Excersize is the best supplement guy.

The rest are a waste of time


I was an athlete when young. I can say for sure that a good diet helps a lot.


Honestly ive tried so many supplements and they just a waste of time, someone trying to make money off them.

A healthy diet and excersize are by far your best bet son.



I’m not sure about supplements yet, but fish oil seemed to help me with depression and magnesium helped me with back pain.

I still want to try them.


Man, take sarcosine anyhow. I work as an insurance broker and I deal with a lot of policy wordings (think 200+ pages of fine print). I find that sarcosine gives me an edge at processing and remembering this stuff. I really notice when I’ve skipped doses. I’d say of all the supplements I’ve ever taken, this one is the closest to a magic pill.


I took sarcosine for around a month and I felt almost no difference. I’m also worried about prostate problems (my family has some problems with prostate).


I’m like super sensitive to all supplements. I can feel them almost instantly–within a few minutes. It’s probably the placebo effect.

I’ve lost like 10 IQ points and I really feel sarcosine helps–all cognitive enhancing supplements too. I also benefited from sodium benzoate but I quit that. I guess I may quit sarcosine over the prostate issue but it’s probably too late for me.

My problem is tiredness too from meds. I drink a lot of caffeine from soda, coffee, and energy drinks. Maybe I’m crashing from the energy drinks. But otherwise, I’m just so tired and lazy. I definitely sleep enough.

Even buspar makes me tired!


My problems are mainly executive functioning,processing speed and spatial. Would sarcosine help me? Or am I too old?


I bet you a million dollars Sarcosine would amp me up too much and possibly trigger manic episodes.
No way Jose - not for me.


See post by avantgarde.


Thanks for this @firemonkey.


My mom has got me a health coach and wants me on all these supplements. I don’t think they help either other than for your overall health.

It’s disappointing because I really wish something would make my symptoms less and my mind more calm.

Nothing beats the thai massage so far.


im contemplating trying sarcosine but I’m worried about these effects too


I take sarcosine and it helps with negatives including cognition.

Caffeine and energy drinks are bad. Same with cigarettes but I smoke because it helps me cope.


I’m thinking about starting to smoke even though I’ve never been a smoker


Don’t start! It’s very bad for health and expensive.


yeah probably not a good idea… but at this rate I wouldn’t mind something killing me