Sarcosine Prodrome Therapy

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I see that sarcosine was being researched for potentially being able to delay or prevent the development of schizophrenia during the prodromal phase:

I don’t suppose anyone could shed any light about the results? I can’t find them anywhere.

Also, do people think that consumption of NAC/sarcosine during the prodromal phase could alter the course of the disease?

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I searched on the lead researcher’s name on

and no papers on this research come up. You have to assume that if no paper was published on the research, that the research outcome was not positive. In other words it probably didn’t work.

You can search yourself - just type in the researcher’s name:

Heresco-Levy U

into the Pubmed web site.

Ah - my mistake. I just noticed that on that clinical trials page you posted it says:

This study has been withdrawn prior to enrollment.
(lack of participants)

so I guess the study was never completed. So - we don’t know.

Ah that’s interesting; thanks a lot for your reply. I only ask as I’m suffering with severe psychological changes at the moment and I’m concerned that I’m in the prodromal phase of schizophrenia. I’m currently supplementing with NAC and sarcosine and was just a bit concerned that they could be doing harm. I’ve got a doctors appointment booked for next week but as far as I’m concerned, I definitely have the symptoms of at risk psychosis.

I recommend you contact an early psychosis evaluation and treatment center - call them today. Sarcosine and NAC (and fish oil) are reasonable steps it seems - based on the research. But get to a psychiatrist quickly too and get therapy. Frequently schizophrenia seems to be caused by or triggered by stress - which can greatly be reduced with therapy and medications.

Here is info on the early psychosis evaluation centers:


I’ve heard that sarcosine can reverse the brain damage done by psychosis, I can vouch for that personally as I have been taking it for a good 8 months or so and I am feeling better mentally all together.

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Are there any other medications and treatments that you are taking? What are you doing now that you didn’t do 8 months ago?

I’ve been cycling off and on sarcosine these past few months due to financial issues, so I know what it’s like to be off and then on sarcosine. I am a big fan of it (Except when it causes irritability at the max grams dose).

Right now, I’m on it. My room has never been cleaner. I applied to jobs when previously I had lapsed in my job search. I am more social, too. I reach out to friends more via text messaging.

I don’t think this is my imagination, as I really don’t like living in a messy room, it’s just that I lack the energy/motivation/executive functioning to clean for an hour or longer.

I don’t know if this is the sarcosine, but my diet and cannabis/alcohol use has significantly improved. I can resist cravings for fast food and cravings for getting stoned and drunk more than I could before.

My medicines have not changed much for the past year (I lowered my abilify to 15 mg from 20 mg about a year ago and increased lamictal to 200 from 150 this week).

I think alternating gram levels from day to day depending on my stability has improved the results. Too much sarcosine made me irritable, but going from the recommended minimum one day to a higher dose the next day reduces irritability. I got the idea from another forum member who cycled off and on sarcosine and I am pleased with my executive functioning.

I even wash the dishes without being hounded about it (a miraculous feat, I hate washing dishes).

This is interesting.

So what dose levels do you alternate between? Do you do this every two days? Do you always vary between these two levels or do you jump around on dosing between other levels too?

I take sarcosine from smart powders. It says to take 3 grams as a single dose. I don’t know if that’s due to quality variation or what, but I vary my amounts usually every other day, yes.
For example, yesterday I took about 3 grams (3 scoops). I didn’t take anything more that day. Today, I took 3 grams in the morning and 2 grams in the midday and I feel social, even made small talk with a lady at the pharmacy when I picked up my Prozac.

I generally go back and forth between 3 grams and nearly double that the next day, then back to 3 grams the following day. Sometimes, I vary it between 3 grams and 4 grams if I feel alert enough. The 5-6 grams usually gets taken on days I have to interact with people.

In general, I almost always alternate between 3 grams one day and 6 grams the following day, then go back down to 3 grams the day after 6 grams dose. :smiley:

Interesting comments - it seems that sarcosine is genuinely helpful in alleviating schizophrenia symptoms. Thanks for the input

The only other things I am taking are methoxyisoflavone and ipiriflavone and vitamin B12 and vitamin K. I have a horrific speech problem and the methoxyisoflavone and ipirifavone literally miraculously cure it, it’s completely gone. Also I had a micronutrient profile done to find out if I was deficient in anything in my diet and it came up with B12 and vitamin K so I’ve started taking that, I feel much better taking it, I actually get euphoric. I have been taking the sarcosine the longest and I feel much better mentally on it, I would have no problem believing that it has healed me of brain damage caused by psychosis. Somehow I get a sense that what it has done is permanent, I haven’t gone off it since I started taking it around 8 months ago but I just get that feeling.